The Light in Me


It’s not something you can just see with your eyes, but what you feel with your heart.

Love warms you and fills you with light.





The light in me is ignited by my wonderful family.


My parents love for one another, their hugs, their kisses.

Their love for me and my siblings.

Their support.


The light in me is fueled by my younger siblings.


My little brothers smile, his laughter.

The little things he does to show he cares and loves.


My little sister and her quirky ways.

Her readaholic ways.

Her I-Know-Everything ways.


The light in me is placed with hands of friendship and love.


My best friend, my soul sister, my missing piece.

She brings me joy and happiness with a single smile.

I wish to be around her for the rest of our lives.

Forever friends.

Forever sisters.

Forever smiling light.


My love, my other half, the one I love with everything I have.

He can make me smile in my darkest times.

Make me laugh when I wish to cry.

He takes away my pain when I have too much.


As one.

My love.


The light in you is up to you.

Who ignites it.

Who burns it.

Who places it.

Even those who wish to blow it out.

To soften the light.

To stop the light.


It is all up to you.



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