The way it used to be

I remember the way you told me

You loved me

That it would never be you and I

It would be we 

I remember your beautiful 


I remember holding hands on the beach

Walking for miles

I remember every time that

You cried

And every last tear that i


I remember when i felt like 

A nobody

And the way you fought to make me feel

Like a somebody

I remember every single one of our \

Good times

Like the cute face you made when

Eating limes

I remember the way you could tell

When i lied

And the way you never let 

Me hide

I remember the way that you broke 

My heart

The same day my world 

Fell apart

I remember how the days passed by

So slow

How i wished the time you asked me out

I would've said no

I remember the day you told me to leave

Your life

And how that same day i was going to make you

My wife

I remember reading the news and finding a 

Heading that read

A women who has been missing was

Found but dead

I remember thinking that it should've

Been me

And how that night would should've made up

And let it be

I remember sitting alone in my room wishing

To die

I remember shutting my eyes saying what I hoped would be 

My last Good Bye

By: Stephanie Marie Soto




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