What do you actually see when you look into these dark brown eyes?

Do you see a girl with happiness all around her or a girl galloping through a meadow filled with dasies.That's what you think you see but you dont really see the

REAL human beyond the features that I put on. There's pain deep whitin that nobody can't understand, theres a confused, deranged sexuality questioned girl

standing before you. Now I know you are wondering; Oh shes that type of person, ughhhh gross. Yeah you might be right I might be gross i might be disgusting

but through all the s*hit you are saying or thinking about me are not even close to being the real deal of truthness. Noooo not even close, until you walk a feet in

my shoes you can call me every dissolving name in the book, and it still won't ease down the pain that i'm enduring. Only time will tell if your words become a reality and i become what you picture what i am or what i will be.







sorry about the misspelling the title is suppose to be DESCRIPTIONS not DESCRIBTIONS. sorry about that.

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