Mark 5

He came over to the side of the sea;

Out of the ship, Jesus saw a man who was quite unclean;

He lived among the tombs, his life was bind in chains;

He’d bust out of jail because he was wild, untamed.

Night and day, he would cry and cut himself;

But when he saw the Christ, he would run for help;

He cried, Son of the most high God, why aren’t I shunned to hell?;

Jesus said, leave this man, thou spirit of unclean wealth.

Jesus then asked, ‘What’s your name,’ he said ‘My name is Legion;’

So Legion begged, ‘this land, don’t take away: it’s pleased us;

The mountain has a herd of pigs that are great, they feed us;

While the demons really wanted the swine to take and feed on.

Jesus let the demons in the swine, who choked in the sea;

They that fed the swine fled, and told the country;

Told how they came to Jesus, afraid Legion had no glee;

How Jesus said, bye bye demons and pigs, devils did then flee.

The people wanted Jesus to leave out of their coasts;

When Jesus came to the ship, Legion begged to come down in his boat;

Jesus said stay here, tell of my compassion, how it’s the Lord

Legion went to ten cities, telling of Jesus drowning the hosts.

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Our world


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