Just Little Me

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 05:48 -- Prinny


Being the youngest student in my grade, always felt weird. By the age of 15 years old I was a Junior in High School. I  was very mature and ready to be independent. Looking for my first job was very stressful. I commemorate being up late at night after finishing my homework and, applying to jobs. I almost feeling inadequate because most of my offers were being denied. I applied at many different places and just as I was prepared to give up, I received a call and was offered a prestigious job at a bank, Pacific NW Federal Credit Union. My first day was different I recollect looking everyone in the eye as though I had something huge to prove for being the youngest employee at the time. I stood up straight and perfected my walk the night before so I would look more professional.  I remember feeling like I had accomplished more than most of my peers, and being the youngest one to do so felt very satisfying.
Through this eye opening experience I developed my perseverance skills. After being told over and over again by the people who mean the most to me that I should not have applied to such a high professional institution, I learned that perseverance is the most important skill that I have.


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