The Heartache Of FriendShip

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 09:28 -- tange21


I knocked on the door just to listen and see if she was home

For some time I waited, cold winds flowing past me and down my back my mind started to rome

Alone is what I began to feel but then she came to the door

To tell me our trip to the movies is cancelled I felt empty and sore

Now becoming numb to the situation i took it upon myself to go out with my boyfriend

We went to the bridge by the water watching the stars and holding each other because the cold winds coressed us

After having a great time he dropped me off back where I started and I saw her once again and she was with other girls coming from a party

Oh but the heartache i felt was more them me I was hurt tears coming down my face i looked up began to stare

For this heartache i just couldnt bare



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