It's All For You


In my sleep I feel a cold draft that much reminds me of the words you ended a world with

A world full of many

Many beliefs, loves, words, and growth

Growth between two minds in limbo


Two minds who were lost but created a universe

A universe in which I never stopped hearing your voice

A universe in which our words excelled

A universe in which the two of us intertwined


I feel the warmth of your skin 

I see the handsome smile on your face,

It has changed since we first met

The crooked smile that knew more, 

Much more

The crooked smile that took you away,

So very far away.


This was our love

These words are our love


I see you no more, hear you no more

But these words are for you

they have forever been for you


Words provide the image of you that tries to fade into the background

As I refuse to let it

Basking in your once so bright light

Wishing I could once return to the comforts of your soul


I speak to you. 

Never directly,

Always in secret


Hidden through the strained words I manage to write upon my page

For you, are the one I write about.


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