Fifteen Ways of Freedom

The only creature 

who truly knows freedom:

high-flying bird


Give me freedom or 

Give me DEATH!

I'll settle for rights. 


A 16 year old 

with car keys in hand

now understands freedom in whole


The free feeling 

to resume routine

after a snow day, confinement


Death holds

a certain freedom

choosing your afterlife


The freedom to shut

your bedroom door

is of underestimated importance


Free at last, free at last

Oh my God,

we're free at last


A haiku: free free

freedom free free freedom free

free freedom is not


Say free enough 

it sounds made-up.

It is. 


libre- free

that's spanish

like libro, which is book.


finding joy is like

finding freedom

vessels of laughter


you can't touch freedom,

but it is tangible.

I can taste it.


Shut up. 

Freedom of speech 

does not extend to hate.


free will juxtaposes 

divine predestination

bound by fate


I have the freedom

to be ignorant. 

Why would I choose it?


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