I keep thinking about you. 
But I'm not sure what to do. 
Maybe If i stop dreaming of what could be.
Maybe If i stop thinking of it as you and me.
Maybe letting you go is the key.
I close my eyes but my heart can still see.
Why do i even care?
Curse you Love its Just not fair!i
Blue eyes... Stop right there!!
No... Maybe His hair..
Why?! Just quit right now.
Quit thinking.
Quit dreaming.
But the question is... How?
If the man i Love is no more.
Because he Loves me from his shoe to the floor.
He doesn't want me.
His pain haunts me.
I'm so tired of These feelings.
Because every time i see him my heart sinks.
I know he doesn't feel the same.
All of these emotions are driving me insane.
Never get too deep.
Or later your soul will weep..
My mind doesn't want it.
The feeling, despise it.
I wish I could let go,
To never be here but,
Love you forever.
And if loving is a sin,
Then let me love him


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