A Bugs Life

An insect when off I dozed

I woke up but didn’t understand

Was I really human with all my toes

Or a bug dreaming I’d become a Man


What did this new life mean

Where I had the power

To assume the shape of anything

Every day of every hour


I buzzed around in this new theme

Pollinating pretty flowers

Presently a bumblebee it seemed

Chasing springtime showers


So light I want to sing

Now I’m a fly on the wall

I can hear everything

And no one sees me at all


A bugs life

Filled with chaos and strife

Avoiding the heel of a shoe

Not wanting to be a squashed tattoo


And I love to taste the smell

Blossoming flowers in the park

I become hypnotized under their spell

While listening to the chirping meadow lark


Loud chirping bird is all I can hear

Suddenly his beak grasp me up

Looks like I’ve become bird’s meal

If only I can now wake up!


A bugs life is not

All it’s made out to be

Especially if you get caught

Hanging out in the wrong tree


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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