its okay

ahe looked at her scars, her bracelets and then

she told herself "ill never need them again"

she picked up the razor and aimed at her wrist

but something peculiar haooened; she missed.

instead of slicing her flesh like before 

she shredded the cloth and it fell to the floor

her scars finally exposed and her bracelets destroyed

she gave a sudden shout into the void

"away wih the razor, the lighter, the pin

away with the mornings i never sleep in

away with the nights where i just sit and cry

away with the feeling that i want to die

away with these bracelets, for now i see

that they were hidint my strength from me"

never again did the bracelets come back

they remain on the floor and to this day they lack

any scars to hide, for she let them heal

she faught through the pain even though it was real

though scars still remain, she hides them not

she remembers the day when her flaws were forgot.


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