A Dream God Placed in my Heart

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 18:35 -- melars2


Every day seems somber.

I look away and

as I walk to school 

I can feel myself removed. 

I watch myself sit there in class 

I watch myself write 

I watch myself get through it 

and i watch myself do whats right. 


But what my professor doesn't know 

wont hurt him 

but what my teacher doesn't know 

wont swerve him. 

No one knows the life I live at home 

No one knows the desperation that causes me to be here

No one knows the struggle within me


No I'm not a normal student 

No I'm not lazy 

No i'm not tired

I'm in a struggle 

a struggle to be better 

to raise even higher

not simply becasue I can 

but because I am.


Becasue UP, is the only path i know

because I have choie but to be here

no choice but to learn more 

Because Professor I dont have the funds 

No sir, i don't have the guns 

But I do have a dream 

a strong dream at that

that nothing, not money 

not even I can stop from accomplishing 

a dream that God himself has placed in my heart

A dream that MUST be sought 



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