The Last Reply

All the world about me crumbles

As ash rains down from smoky clouds, 

As great rocks from concrete giants,

Who once stretched up to the sky,

Cascade down in broken grandeur

To the shattered asphalt street,

And the sun, who shined for ages,

Starts to sputter, like a flame

As if water dropped upon it

Slowly ends its glowing life.

All the stars are falling constant

And their fires fill the clouds

As they strike the Earth around me,

As the planet starts to die.


To the boulevard, now empty,

I walk out to watch it fall

And to see this world collapsing

Just to know I'd seen it all.


Then I see a girl my age,

Down the street; she seems so strong

She is calm, and has a smile,

As if nothing now is wrong.


In my shock, I did not notice

That her smile is to me,

And I feel a strong connection

Like I've finally found the key. 


Then the earth slows down to crawling

And all time then stops its pace

Falling rubble floats on nothing

As we stand here, face to face.


We then take slow strides together

Toward the one who met our glance,

And we lock our hands in union

As we waltz the final dance.


As stars plummet down, unceasing,

We twirl out both fast and slow,

And she laughs a tearful laughter

At the love that we both know.


Now the sun has reached its ending,

Now just stars can give us light

Though we have but precious minutes

Before all is endless night.


"My only wish," I say in darkness,

"Is that we had met before.

"It seems strange to have a new friend

"If we had time, we might be more."


But she smiles, in the starlight,

Her last reply before the end:

"I'm just grateful that I met you,

"I'm just glad I have a friend."


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