I'm In Love With You

I miss your smile,

i miss your face,

i miss your strongly supporting embrace.

I miss your voice,

i miss your words,

that made me feel like, the only girl in the world.

I miss your laugh,

i miss your eyes,

and how you looked like you were in disguise.

I love you so,

won't let you go,

but i just wanna make sure, that you know.

No matter what you say, or what you do,

i want you to know, i'll always love you.

And please don't forget me,

please dont lie,

cause lying to me's, like telling me to die.

I miss you so much,

if only you knew,

how much i'm in love with you.

And so you know, though i'm with another,

i didn't move on, i'm just stuck in a fluster.

I love him too,

but i love you more,

but i just don't know, where to turn anymore.

There's things i love him for,

There's reasons i love you too,

i just honestly, don't know what to do.

Although we date, although we break

it doesn't mean that, that's the end of our fate.

If were meant to be,

in which we'll see,

but in the end, i just want you happy.

You told me i love you,

i told you i loved you too,

and now i can't stop, thinking of you.

Although i "moved on,"

best believe i'm not gone,

cause honestly i can't stop thinking of you.

And honestly,







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