Thu, 10/06/2016 - 23:13 -- ivanl43

Sometimes I'm mad, sometimes I'm sad. Bring me food and I'll be glad. The days seem

cloudy, the days seem sunny, but my friends think the weather is funny. Somedays I'll

I'll walk in a cold, windy day seeing the day gloomy. The only thing that brings my

dull thoughts opposite is my mom's homemade spaghetti. Like I said I do like food,

and it brings me joy. Now that's one of my things that give me a optimistic thought.

My family is what's important to me knowing that I wouldn't feel alone because I got

them,through thick and thin. My days will be stressful. gloomy, disappointing but a smile

on my face will fix it. Nor pessimestic nor a misfit. I love to look at beautiful scenery though

I feel relaxed, and open minded. The flowers bring me a warm feeling inside of me,

the happy thoughts come to me. Not to forget my lovely friends too, thanks for making me

laugh, when I'm down.. thank you. As the day passes by All the happy thoughts I will cherish

and remember bring me joyness to think that I let my sad feelings turn into joyful ones by

the memories I have. So go ahead I wont get sad, bring me some joy, and be my comrade.

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My family
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