Why I Write


  Why I write


all we did was make eye contact.


but in that instant

between my blink and her smile


she convinced me I was the one chosen to decipher this complex situation.


She gave me two options


I could either keep my heart caged In this simulated prison


Constructed by a baby face bow and arrow baring idol. Chasing and immature love created by a child.


Or take the hand of loves apostles believe in the impossible

diving into the matrix where my love and I will forever be adjacent.

Adjusting to a reality without limitations

ripping the blinds off my eyes to admire the shine illuminated by the stars aligned

evolving into


inspiration for me to write a whole poem

from just a single poetic line.


Love is a reason y


or how I


I know the sadness of a joker


And why every day he lays layers upon layers of purity's paint to mask his true emotions


"Preys" for physical freedom like a activist


Multiple attempts to exit into

Eternity turned into practices


Evolving the jokers body into one of Basquiat canvases


Demented figures forging fantasy

Of happiness


Carnival colors covering the conclaves for the voices that are constantly after him


Blinded by the spite


Defeated by his own will and might


glorified by his own guilt that rises during the temptations of the night.


reintroducing wrist to knife


risking life


just to feel a presence


I write to be the voice for love and depression


the two strongest emotions I have ever committed.


That is why I write









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