Diabetes, a disease I wont let take over.


United States
41° 52' 22.1052" N, 75° 7' 52.2732" W
United States
41° 52' 22.1052" N, 75° 7' 52.2732" W

This disease, I wont let it get the best of me.

I'm depressed though, it's got me by the throat, how can I get free?

How can I be all I can be, if I'm missing a part of me.

On the oust side, I seem as happy as can be.

But on the inside, there are feelings you cannot see.

Depression, anger, suicide, self harm, self hate... ect.


How could this be, was it fate?

What did I do to deserve a life in such a cruel state..?

Alas! I shall not know, the past is my biggest foe.

But No! I wont live in a state of woe.


I look around, there is darkness to be seen.

Is that a light? A beam?

Is this a dream?!

I have found my way out, not through anger or pout, but through love!


I look into my lover eyes, compelled by the happiness in them.

I can see right through to his soul, nothing about it is dull.

He loves me, even with this accursed sickness.

He puts me in a complete state of bliss.


So what is the moral of this story you ask?

Not to be overcome by a sickness, or fear, but to be overcome by lovely my dear.


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