Nostalgic Summer Sadness

you got that summer time sadness

when the suns got you feeling 
the opposite of ecstatic gladness
if you could snatch and bag this 
feeling it’d be labeled toxic
spent half of your check 
at the clearance rack of Hot Topic
this is more somber and dry then
a boring old film or a dusty biopic
about some guy you’ve never heard
of and could honestly give less than a sh** about
kiss her hard before you go
just so she don’t forget and so she knows
that even if she’s not the one, she’s golden
where’s the summertime classics like the olden
days when our grandparents wore leather boots
and poked each other with steel blades
instead of chilling down in the Florida glades? 
the next one she said “you don’t spend time like you used to” 
and I’m like “You don’t kiss me like you used to” 
well you don’t use me like you used to
my heart’s not abused like it’s used to
what’s got these feelings changed and glued 
to a board full of honesty and trust
where’s your fire boy? where’s your lust? 
your steel blade is all rusty and your hair
is getting dusty and grey and you’re aging
and the times they are a-changin’ 
people are scrolling they are left paging
like reading a book they’re left pacing
at the end of this novel i’m writing 
just keep the idea that I’ll be in the sky
i’ll be up in the sky all around y’know skydiving
and you’ll be on the ground half-living


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