Sunshine and Rain

People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING.
All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
All they know is where you are and not where you've been, but you won't reveal the past so you keep it within.
Like the times Mom would struggle 'cause Dad wasn't there, missed out when you were younger it didn't seem fair.
Bill after bill so Mom had to choose, but either way, it seemed you would lose.
You remember the tears and fears you'd never make it, the times you would be filled with doubt, unhappy, but would fake it.
Although you won't forget those times, you learned how to believe, but no one knows they are blinded now by what they cannot see.
They can't see how hard she worked two jobs and still in school, or how all you had were hand me downs, no care of being "cool".
They can't see past the names on clothes, see what you have and say "I want those".
But would they want it if they knew just what it took; do they know what they are asking for with every jealous look?
They want the rainbow minus the rain, joy but no pain, without realizing circumstances may change but God will remain.
To every face there is a story so don't judge it by its title and always keep God first, don't let "things" become your idol.
So be careful when you say or think "I wish I were you" and don't wish for anyone’s' sunny days unless you want their stormy ones too.


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