Leaving and Loving

A steady rhythm, 

A speedy pace,

My heart now seems to race.

A race,

A fight, 

What we do in the night.

Loving, leaving, 

I begin to start bleeding.

Remorce and grieving

I now stop believing.

On a most dreary night you leave me,

Leave me wanting and needing,

And I want to stop believing.

But I can't.

Because of the steady rhythm,

The speedy pace,

You like to make my heart race.

Because of the racing,

Because of the fighting,

I begin to start crying.

You love and you leave,

Causing internal bleed.

You cause remorce and  grieving, 

But I cannot stop believing.

I can't stop, I know I just can't.

It's because I love you.



I feel this. i can relate. this is awesome.


I'm sorry that you can relate, and sorry that this might have happened to you. But thank you for the compliment.

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