Mind Prostitution

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 18:58 -- steve


Steve Momphete



Mind Prostitution

My mind is yours only for seven hours in the weeks Like a prostitute my mind tends to be in your keep

You are nothing but a perpetual plan that I must seek

These superfluous advantages you scream to offer

I still exhort the truth that you make me worth more than a pauper


Some nights I am indignant like God’s wrath

Rose-colored glasses is your use against math

When I am raised too high you praise my craft

Can you honestly boost me up to a higher class!?

I cannot stand to be here sometimes

Because the things that befall my mind



Learn, learn, and learn you often plead

I ‘m listening to you but like a greedy man I grow covetous in my greed

The belief in you I must put away

You are the promised wealth that contains mans self- betray

I ate all my knowledge books with my best

But I am still not there and that is why I stress

But education is my tool

So that is why I go to school.



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