You were there...

When the sun didn't shine,

And the rain fell like my tears.

When the nights were plaugued

Flooded with my fears.

When my anxiety ruled my life,

And living with depression was a fight.


You made it seem

Like I would be okay.

That I could live to see

Another day

And another dream.

Now you are a memory.



Thats all that I am

'Cause I find no comfort in words,

In sympathetic hugs,

Ever since you've been gone.


I'm selfish it would seem,

Because now you are at peace,

No longer suffering,

No longer in pain.

But I still want you back today.


So here I am.

On the verge of tears.

Living and seeing my fears.

Locked away in my head.


This poem is about: 
My family


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