I Hope You Know

I hope you realize how much you mean to me,

regardless of where a relationship between us stands.

I hope you know that you make my day.

Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,

and feel like I’m about to break,

you make me smile, and somehow, I know I’ll be okay.

You’ve made me feel safe and secure,

and confident in who I am.

Around you I don't want to wear a mask

created to hide me from society’s accusing eyes.

With you I want to be myself,

even if it means feeling vulnerable and occasionally insecure.


I hope that you know that when I ask

about your day,

about your life,

about your interests,

and your past,

it's because I honestly care.

I hope you know that I care

about your successes,

about your failures,

and your growth

because I want to understand you

and see you achieve the persona you aim to be.


I hope you know that I care

if you are upset and angry,

frustrated or lost,

because I want to help you get back up.

I don’t want you to wallow in sadness,

or the feelings of pain,

because you’re the one who helps me get through those days.


I hope you know that I'm honest with you

because you have my respect and my trust.

And that every conversation,

every hug,

every kiss,

every smile,

every cuddle,

and every joke matters

because I see the best in you,

and it means the world to me.



This poem is about: 
My community



yoo thats drippy asf

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