The Summer My Soul Sang

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 20:32 -- Sarose

It was the last day of summer
And a brilliant orange hue illuminated the sky.
My body,
Laid serenely across a field of golden tinted roses
Basking in the sunlight.
The heat of the sun tells my heart to wake up
But I lazily decline.

Above trees slowly drip morning dew across my lips
From the previous night of unrelenting showers
From the now wisps of white puffs that linger against the lavender-blue sky.
The wind comes in with fresh cool breezes
That appeal not only to my touch but my ears.

As my hair whips about in the summer air, it becomes a conductor of all sorts.
A soft murmur evolves into a booming orchestrated symphony as trees dance in the wind and branches mingle with leaves to provide the background music of nature's once forgotten beauty.

Invisible hands feel against my every hair follicle,
And I embody the untamed spirit of the Greek goddess Artemis
As my bare feet become overwhelmed with the urge to run.

Pounding, and rushing against the scents of heaven And freedom,
I watch as the sky darkens and I'm left drenched in the moonlight.

She beams down at me like a magnifying glass on a hot summer day.
But her light, unlike her sunny counterpart, is soft and welcoming.
She sings to me lullabies and tells stories through the night air.
I lie against a tree and stand between the darkness.

My eyes began to slowly retire,
But nearby voices call my name
And I feel my body being pulled away.

A last glimpse of the white maiden
That perfectly situated herself against the night,
And I bid a last farewell.

No longer in a field of golden roses,
But a cramped room lighted only through moth-bitten curtains
That allow sunlight to gently seep through.
And I sink myself deeper into the comforts of polyester
Wondering if it all was a dream.

A wind blows and a familiar breeze sends shivers through me.
And my soul, my once quiet and shy soul, sang for the first time.
Author notes
The funny thing is, this is the perfect summer that I always vividly imagined, but never really had. Hopefully you can see it and feel it as clearly as I do.


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