What Society Holds

Education is spoiled by the rotting brains

Disseminating by the television cell membranes

As learning decreases

Society let's ignorant fame and material things sink in

Getting rich quick is more motivation

Than the motto of Knowledge is Power

Violence, drugs, sex, and riches

Turn young men & women to niggas & bitches

Today study hard ceased to Facebook & Loitering

Reading books and writing crumbled

To tweeting and "Please double tap me"

Cities that once thrived on unity

Are now dead and deceasing

Just because "He rep M.O.B"

Churches that were once full

Are now vacant

Now the night clubs a re consistently full

Music 'bout peace, love, and unity

Re-written into songs of things at night between you & me

                               -because everyone forgot the word "Privacy"

Didn't know sharks could walk on land

Know what I mean?

I thought a lady had elegance, and elegance

Not opened legs and always trash talking

And what about the characteristics of a gentleman?

Thought they did not sag and disrespect woman

So I looked to the generations to come

I asked them what they knew

Some answered some said none

I told them the truth

I let them know society gave up and they're waiting on you

But its up to them, they had to pick and choose

The girls could either be the best or plain and simple ratchet

And the guys could either be successful with a job

Or making license plates all their lives

I even showed and gave them examples

Told they could idolize stupidity

Or emulate successfulness

One little girl looked up to me

What am I to do?

Because am I really the future?


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