Stormy Skies, Rainy Days


Rain, rain, don’t go away

God knows why I love the sweet sounds

Of the thunders loud laughter

and that gorgeous sound after

Of the explosion of the dark clouds


Rain, rain, don’t go away

I haven’t put on my tennis shoes!

I know you’ve made puddles

Just oodles of them

Specifically for me to jump through


I’m made to stop caring about all the looks

the jeers and the glares and the giggles

Because when I’m in rain

I don’t at all care

and I dance around just like The Wiggles


Oh, when God made the rain

Did He think of me?

And know all the excitement I’d feel?

Because when it’s pouring,

I sound like a child

And all that escapes me are shrills


The over joyousness of each and every drop,  that falls on my face is so thrilling

I forget all the things, all the drills and routines, that someone my age should be doing

All the worries of exams and the thought of adulthood

All the hurt and the pain and betrayal

Are all washed away in a magnificent display,

And suddenly I released from the trembles


Oh Heaven, I see, these things God has made

And I cry out with joy and water streams down my face

But I forget how to cry, or that one day I’ll die

And I feel that I never will fade


Rain, Rain, don’t go away

for now I am so very free

I sing like a bird, and no one can hear

But the God that created me


I want to shout

I want to scream

I want to lift my voice in a Crescendo!

I match the thunder’s song

As I sing along

to my favorite musical numero


Rain, rain don’t go away

Who cares if my glasses are blurry?!

Who cares about stress, depression and anxiety

C’mon, I’m not in a hurry

I don’t have to feel

I don’t have to think

I just have to be and dream

And know that God made, me as just me

And that’s actually a good thing


Rain, rain, I see that you’re going

Let’s do this again sometime

so that I can escape, and again be reminded

Of the wondrous beauty sublime



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