Am I...?


Am I stupid?

Am I crazy?

A maniac, perhaps?

How can I still love you?

How can you still love me?

I look at you and I still see utter perfection.

The way you walk, talk, laugh, and smile.

All perfect.

I look at myself.

Trying to figure out where we went wrong

But I,

I was the one to take a wrong turn for the worst. 

I look at your hands as they're holding hers

and I glance at my own;

You can see the desperation they feel of wanting to be interlocked with yours.

I am dying to speak to you.

To tell you "I love you."

But something is jaded along the path to your heart.


Nothing is stopping me but myself.

"How can one love another without loving themselves?"

The answer is simple-

You love them more than yourself.

You walk down the aisle of self destruction and say "I do." to the very person you promised yourself you'd never become.

All to see one person happy.

Am I stupid?

Am I crazy?

A maniac, perhaps?

Tell me. 

Tell me now. 


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