Death is worth living!

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 18:11 -- nnw21

Once I was hit in my back so hard I didn’t understand how the death I am destined to meet escaped me. My surroundings appeared to be the same with not one change, and the world, the way the world continued to revolve around everyone except me was baffling. Shortness of breath coupled with feelings of fatigue overpowered me & for the life of me I felt living death. The initial storm has passed, what’s to come is showers that I pray I am equipped to shield myself from, now that; that is what education is all about,  and by golly I’m finally figuring it out. Until another blow to my back comes back again only ironically harder than I ever thought I could feel since my last episode. The shock has me in a state of confusion that I think no living person can mitigate. My prayer is to look death in it’s eyes, to establish a rapport only we can, so when the time comes again to meet the intensity of our familiarity will be more than either one of us can bare making our next possible meeting awkward, finally leaving me to a deserved victory*     NNW 01/15/13*

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