The Sweetest Joy

revenge, the sweetest joy next to getting pussy

but pussy is the greatest when it's hers I'm gettin
face all in it, tongue just a swimming
squirming chasing more than a shower of her juices, but her soul
when the body start to elevate and voice start to demonstrate the soul I'm reaching 
going no where fast, in sync with the greatest. 
her pussy
so in sync I can do this with my eyes closed, a maze I know all to well,
with the ending of no out, but her cumming out.. for me 
my hands wrapped around her legs because I care, I grasp while I eat even though they don't calm sweet sounds of love from her mouth.
mouth love I'm Putin in and mouth love I'm gettin out.. From her pussy, thru her pussy, out her mouth, she pants b|c of me.
Body grinding against a grinding tongue, we are as one. 
I glance up, she glance down connecting once more.
The greatest I am getting the pussy & soul.


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