Sat, 11/02/2013 - 20:54 -- Rocio


His Holding Into My Emptiness of my universe , while my mind is out of earth ! 
A start wont probably reach to my hopes ! 
While im here left in the back with a bag tht was left ! It was left to the wrong person 
Thats cuz i felt in love at the wrong time , in the right place ! 
They say that young love that stays together thru bad & good ! The happiness married Will conquered! 

While her heart just gets kick in pieces 
His mind gets high , his thoughts don't mind ! And his body rise ! In agains another skin ! Another lips ! A new feel ! Making him forget about her ! While shes up all night thinking what makes him stay ? While he cant just go head and leave her brain and her body , especially her mind ! Keeping her mind close from others ! 
Confusion is what brings to her! While she goes to sleep listening to something she can relay on , while all she needs somebody who can she connect with not just physically but also spiritually ! She zones out ! Forgetting about the world and her problems ! Until she wakes up ! Coming back to the real world ! Just waiting to go back .


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