Mother I forgive you for you know not what you do

Call me a zero in hopes it'll motivate me to avoid the bar stool

Most men live there life defining and executing functions

I have yet to define a single variable 

Labeling and classifying is the human way

Something I grealty crave 

My attempts in the past 

Have only been rewarded with failure from over analyzation 

Boxing and packaging simple ideas is society's expectation

When I do label in the black and white insanity is a shade away

Running from gray has never been appealing 

Dealing with depression is to focus in on one side

Atleast that's the way we're taught to handle it 

Sit and think of the way the world works

Binary  one and zero, Morse dot and dash, Speech True or False

Black and White is what fills your mind 

To accept the gray is to accept the looney day

Life is more than on and off 

The missing link 

Reason for religious peak 

System in place 

The reason why more often than not easier to sin than not

I don't just chalk it up to a god

My faith is not granted so easily

Could say the gray is just an inconsistency 

It exist in every place and system indeed

The gray the undefined the reason why I lost my mind

Remind you life isn't so cut and dry

The undefined








I love this, truly goes into depth about the oblivious features of the world.

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