A New Perspective


I have left the world of Darkness,

Having stepped into the Light,

A new sensation of bliss has emerged,

A sensation having not witnessed in a thousand years,


My body breathes in the fresh air that surrounds me,

The bitter-sweet taste of relief lies fresh on my tongue,

A smile threatens to cross my lips,

My weary eyes can finally see the golden light peering through the clouds,


I glance back at the world of old,

The hurt, pain, and suffering slowly depart my spirit,

The aged memories abandon my mind,

The wounds of the past begin to heal,




Salt water tears dart from my eyes,

As I plummet towards the earth,

And as if having sense my mood,

The rain commences,


The torrential rain cleanses my soul,

It heals all the open wounds,

It energizes my weary body,

It touches my aching heart,


I glimpse up to find you standing above me,

A relieved smile crosses your lips,

As you kneel by my side,

Wrapping your arms around me you whisper in me ear,


“It’s over; it’s time to start a new life,”

You help me to my feet,

And clasp my hand,

With a reassuring smile,


I glance one last time at the Darkness,

Then I look but into the Light,

My crooked smile has returned to my lips,

A new perspective is now seen through my eyes,


No wound cannot be healed,

Time cannot be reversed,

No life is not worth living,

No tear is ever wasted,


I’m starting over,

I’m shedding my old life,

I only have one thing to say to the Light,

I’m back and I’ll, by no means, ever abandon you again.

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