A Passionate Pursuit

Alone, I chased after my own desires,
Unaware of being guided by Fire.
I knew of Your name, but not of Your heart,
Nor that without You I was sure to depart.

I was led to the bottom, sight removed from my eyes,
I remembered Your claims, and hoped You heard my cry.
Like winds of a hurricane bend a tree,
Jesus, Your grace and love overwhelmed me.

I misconceived that my troubles were over,
And Satan found a way to just draw closer.
Confused and thinking – where is the love
That God had sent to me from above?

Reading Scripture and studying Your Word,
I prayed for wisdom with all the things I heard.
You told me to have faith and do not doubt,
For in You, there is always a way out.

I drew near to You, You drew near to me,
That I was in a battle, I could now see.
Knowing when I’m pursued I will never be alone,
In my heart, the Devil will never take Your throne.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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