Two Different People, But Only One Body


United States
40° 51' 37.0404" N, 73° 7' 2.1252" W

Her eyes are blue and peaceful like the ocean
Her smile is rare but shows up every once in a while
Her heart is full of love and care for others and not herself
And her happiness is always seen with a smile
She can be the most gentle of things
But ALWAYS gentle is something she's not
Aside from her cool and gentle side...
There's a side to her that's horrible and red hot
Her eyes turn into stone cold marbles
Her smile will begin to fade
Her heart will turn into cold hard stone
Her happiness turns into anger and pain
She has two sides to her
One is gentle and completely sweet
The other side is monstrous and unforgivable
And somewhere in the middle, these two sides meet
One is a peaceful stream in the middle of the forest
Whose care flows to anyone who needs someone there
But the other side is a thorn waiting to cause pain to someone’s heart
She's a blade waiting to find happiness to shred and tear
Two different people but with only one body
The blue-eyed gentle sweetheart and the monster that I try not to be
Now that you know both sides to the story...
Which person do you label as me?


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