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When life began You were already there Forever my friend Was unable to see The unknown end   One day I left But didn’t know separation I didn’t second-guess
There's only been one time,
You were born.
How can you miss someone who was never physically there Never felt their touched or the texture of their hair Never held their hand or kissed their lips Yet they seem to be the only person you miss
It has no name No face Just a voice I' ve torn and burnt my flesh 
MY God  MY GOD, How long did it take to create such a beautiful Child? I know it took a beautiful while,
Lights sparkling, snow falling. Family's laughing, cookies baking. Stories being told, gifts being wrapped. Socks and slippers. Chilli and soup. These are a few of my favorite things.  
My weary old soul cursed by another's unfinished past was given a long and treacherous path, paved and made with broken stones and questioning tones
I would change nothing Our world is the way it is A higher purpose 
     I woke up on a dirty mattress on the floor of a friends house. It's my 16th birthday. A huge milestone in a young persons life.
The worlds a stage and we are just mere actors, But the stage is too large, the lights to bright The audience won’t like us if we aren't just right Just the right amount of funny, pretty, smart, kind We panic under the pressure but it’s all just
You see that person sitting alone? That person hiding pain behind a smile? Had you even looked into their file Would you not have seen the suffering? Would you not understand?   You see that person?
I turn the corner lose control
I sit quietly ignoring the pain, but she whispers to me. I try to eat, but she whispers to me. I try to laugh and almost succeed, but she whispers to me.    What is she whispering?   Hate. Slander. Lies.  
    I once knew a girl,
I have been gone too long, living in the past.   Trapped by all the mistakes, I have ever made.   Remembering everytime, I let someone down.   But it is time to move on,
Look at the world with hopeful eyes, Never let them see you down, put that razor away, put that lighter away Don't hurt yourself anymore, please, don't frown.   I wish your depression would you see yourself
What is it that makes a person so goddamned miserable? 
I have an associates degree at eighteen but I haven't made it , to everybody else my goals are just... dreams just because i have a limp, i have no potencial it... seems  on top of that im Mexican with a love for hip hop,
I relive the days Of getting into your car Riding to the place you call home But it wasn't your home I remember everything we did Especially watching the "Goofy" vid
Not a day goes by,  where I can't hear the voice...
Why am I nor happy? I have such a big porch for me alone. I have the life that no one else owns. I have gold that no other holds. Why am I not happy? I have all I want, But something stands.
Dear Person Who Deserves to Die a Fiery Death While Simultaneously Being Eating By a Shark,
You say this pain is my fault   that i put this gapeing hole in my chest  when all i tryed to do was set you free  from your monster inside  i put myself in harms way over and over again  i tryed to help 
Such a young age they begin to ask What do you want to be when you grow up? Adults want to see  how their society will be shaped. We're five we want to be our parents and our heros.
im falling in this hole. a place of no return. where no emotion shows, we are forced to burn. incinerate ourselves so that the pain subside.
Why would you lay down and concieve If you couldn't believe In the child you were creating  She's a creation of God and a reflection of you Maybe that's why you can't look at her
You broke my heart when you sai goodbye You made me cutt and want to die You told me you love me and that you cared You even got me a cute teady bear I gave you my heart And you tore it apart
i look at this blank page; or I I try to see bend the words Flowing from my own pen I look and I won't see the the truth in the words I write- I will look and I won't see that my mind is in a fight
AS darkness takes over my plea is to be free, but all it does  is take over me. I hope for a candle, but no, it's to bright. so instead, I search for the right. You are in my darkness,
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
Bridges are such high places,
I am living but I'm not alive Everynight I let myslef cry I go to sleep hoping to never wake up I am living but I'm not alive  I've gone through things and I wish I died I wake up but I'm still dead
Swirling eddies down the riverside tumble and curl while I pick up a rock I throw it; watch it collide with the simmering surface of the dark world beneath   I’m taking a bath; commanding the bubbles and soap
If minutes passed like hours, you'd never have gone away. 
Living a dead life. Full of hatred towards love. Depressed happiness. I take forced breaths. Sometimes I wish I could gather up the energy to stop them. I complain about the life I have,
Sadness is want but do not have.
Why do we hate, when we are from the same creator? Why do we criticize and judge, when we are under the same blood? Why can't we be friends , when we all sin? Why is a question that everyone face.
"Next Time."
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" why does she starve herself? you're fat those are just words why does she hate what she sees in the mirror? you're ugly 
Dear Society.
Tűz, Víz, Levegő, Föld Őselemek lennének ők, nevüket sokszor átkozták. Rengeteg ember életét kioltották. Velük tárgyalni nem lehet, nem állhatsz elé a futótűznek.
Society is a copy machine Everyone is becoming the same  It will change our world.
Screaming only not to be heard, not a word spoken just a glimpse of the emotion,hurt the wondering soul that just wanted to run and hide, could only find a little corner, the girl who cried inside
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a heartbreaker.
I have the same routine when I wake up, In the morning. Put on my shirt and jeans Go to work. Typically I make coffee for breakfast, Getting two hours of sleep My body craves it.
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
Why is it that when you lose a love your heart breaks, if love is just a chemical addiction produced by our brains? Why does it feel like your thoracic cavity is hollow,
A stranger... A feeling... True or not Days, Months, Years... Friends, Best friends, lovers... One day, eyes are on her Slowly Slowly dissapear infront... of my eyes...
It's not healthy, I know  Like I'm just putting on a show  Writing rhymes to forget  That I am very sick.    Maybe something's not right  This worsening plight 
Don’t disappear from me I know I haven’t always been the greatest person I’ve been selfish, stupid and just completely inattentive
Give me hope Let me be a beautiful flower that blooms from the ashes of an un-privileged past Give me hope Let me feed from the opportune victals of a chance for higher education Give me hope
The music is blaring  my heart is despairng Tears roll down my face my heart is starting to race Sitting in a dark room just waiting for my doom Can't stand them poking at me
Some will never know the joy but only the end they'll never see the light when the light has dimmed
I look outside and see, The world is waiting for me, There is much to learn, And it all comes in turn, all I have to do is turn the knob, And prepare for the job.
What is it about jobs that frightens the whole world?
You will need: 1 human body (preferably fresh) 1 absorbent mind 2 parts ambition 1 part hard work 3 parts hormones 1 part friendliness 16/18 cups knowledge (Depends of consistency)
I looked at him.    He was wearing a pink dress shirt. we were both feeling a different kind of hurt. He was much shorter than I remember him being. It hurts me that this was all I remember seeing.   
Veins open wide Is all she can remember
Hello, I will not tell my name right away.  You have to assume of what I am through what I do to your body.  First of all, I may become addictive.
Hello, I will not tell my name right away.  You have to assume of what I am through what I do to your body.  First of all, I may become addictive.
With a beauty like hers, no one can deny, Her heart full of gold, and her eyes filled with such integrity, With her locks of bronze blonde waves and the skin looks like a model.
I imagined it wouldn’t hurt me, as much as it hurts me now. The mother that had forgotten me, I couldn’t seem to forget. My thoughts swirled like a tornado in my mind. How could she abandon me?
I'm not o
When will it be Acceptable to simply be Without society expecting so much of me?   Get good grades Do community service Be in extra curricular activities When will society let me just be me?
Year by year...
 once had a friend. Her name was Joy.
Every smile is not a smile within Whether its love or hate, its never an easy sin   Tears of both pain and joy are seen as one These tears have no name, are always unknown  
If I were to say,
Dark shadows underneath those frosty blue eyes, smudged with jet black mascara from a long, hollow night. The wind blows relentlessly, the world is still asleep as you trudge the streets that
So we started this for it to end?
  I was born From what I've been told I was a happy, strong baby.
Dancing, swirling, threads and beads Reaching about the fragile frame. Entwined in the many strands Are my many horrible dreams. Many were caught in the never-ending web. Caught and never to escape
All this violence, has its range, that's one thing  that I would change.   A bad night between couples, two many drinks, makes them rethinks their own happy nuptuals.   
The brush of ice cold fingertips leaves a red hot trail,
From dawn 'till dusk I am enclosed, In my own world yet so exposed. Passing by, a mere obsever, Using distance as my life's preserver. Close enough to touch, too far away to see, 
as it swayed in soft circles dangling upside down from my ceiling fan, i watched through tears as the carnations wilted white petals penetrated the darkness of my room.
Step by step we walk a million miles Moving over mountains, through the sky Slowly wearing out the souls of our shoes Carving canyons in our wake   Hand in hand an act across the years
Twenty-four hour day. Why can't I spend it my way? To live is to pay.
In a world so cold, and unforgiving
Today I woke up to painful scars and temporary kisses from my guardian angel. My play dates aren't as traditional as the other kids in my neigborhood. Matter of fact.. It was the day before too.
What are we telling our children?
She's in chains. She's behind bars. She's alone. But she's innocent until proven guilty?   He trespassed. He raped. He murdered.
I’m a mouse Always have been It doesn’t take much for me to hide in my little home Where I am safe from the daggering eyes Or judgmental looks of others But sometimes I get fed up
A most interesting question if I’ve ever heard one.What would I do?  What needs to be done?If I had an infinite amount of power over one thing,What would I base my change on?  To what would I cling?
If I could change anything I think it would be my eyes, I don’t like how dark they are, I want them as blue as the sky. Or maybe I would change my thighs, They rub together and jiggle when I jive.
I heard a story one day, to my surprise I had nothing to say, It was something about this girls name, The sound? The origin? It soon all became a game ,  
He stood at the crossroads, looking in all directions. So many options open to him   Five roads is more than enough   He must find the one he is searching for. The clouds begin to come
If emotions were exposed what would we be? How long could we ignore our fellow man's depravity?  
It needs to change so it shall, Eventually with or without me here.     I can change thee or others; I could be acquisitive changing my mien, and my myriad faults;
there is enough tyranny hypocrisy synecdochial koinonia in the modern day definition of love to siphon off realness in reality enough for fantasy to have any given lover on any given day  
 Let's change these very blatant stories we tell our children about how "boys will be boys" and so girls will not be girls.  
Hands raised  Hands held Hands bound, until one soul becomes a whole new class of genomes.
If I could change the world I'd change the way we live today Change the way we think  And change the way we perceive   If I could change the world  I'd fly around a mountain high
Tough times growing up... Barely having any food to eat. Cable getting cut off, And surviving with out heat. Momma struggling to keep me safe And tried to buy me clothes.
Explain to me the difference between a house and a home, I've tried all alone but only to find it's not in my bones, I'm deep, Deeply lost,  Deeply sorry, Sorry for what I am, Sorry for what I do,
US welfare state You are chastized by many Why can't we just help?
Racism, a form of xenophobia ?  have you seen the media?  the innumerable racial discrimination 
Today, we live in a society with little thought for patience, Little responsibility to say "I'm sorry," and not enough brains  To think about given problems. I mean TRULY think.
I am constantly faced with the question:   "What are you?"   Because I am not White enough To sit with the cool kids But I’m not Black enough to chill with the crew   "What are you?'
Mama calle
Mama calle
How softly the music plays A minstrel’s tune sways I can only just feel it Brushing along my finger tips Tingling down my spine The world slowly becoming mute Yet feeling so alive
Whispering smiles indent my thoughts as I walk through the halls. Overthinking what's past and what's present has been known to ruin me. Every move I make causes my conscience to stutter.
I may still be growing and learning But I still wish to leave marks On the world that continues to make barks Throughout my life I am always yearning For the joy of family yet always earning
Stumbling, falling, staggering, bawling No one cares (Or so I think)
I would change the availability of music concerts because music inspires us to become more than what we are and at times better.
Some need to change how they fulfill their life. Live life. Love it. Do not waste it. I wish they would understand life is a river that will meet waterfalls sometimes.
no big words, no amaing but aiming to my soul ,before you even think of blackmailing me think of what im saying. look, im not disciminating unless you are not the one living it and your parents paying
Love is a roller coaster Sharing new experiences with one another Its a experiment when two hearts are joined together There's no point in know what the outcome shall be It can easily be taken for granted
The first kiss. It was paradise An awkward teenage experience Yet it was beautiful A feeling filled with joy and happiness It was messy but satisfying it was my first time A sense of breath coming quickly
The first kiss. It was paradise An awkward teenage experience Yet it was beautiful A feeling filled with joy and happiness It was messy but satisfying it was my first time A sense of breath coming quickly
They sit there all alone/ the poor, the sick, the homeless/why does no one hear them cry/it seems that life is hopeless.Why can't we take a single day/to reach out and show grace/to help out a fellow man/to look them in the face.What a difference
  Although, all the world still waits to see what we shall become. Uncanniness isn’t wit.
When we wear a mask We smile to cover anguish A brave face is just a well adhered lie Stopping to look for the cold ice bleeding out behind a sunny disposition We see the signs of falsehoods spun into truth
Shadows keep us Stuck to the ground What would it be like, To finally fly?   Shadows: Fears kept together in such a way To create nightmares, Such worries keep people on the ground.
What would I change? Nothing big,  Very insignificant, Related to me Because that’s who I am That’s what I do, I am very selfish, I care only about myself. It doesn’t bother me,
The ocean level rises
Living in a town with less then 10,000, Creates an environment with little uniqueness,  Cookie cutter, cookie cutter, cookie cutter, Everyone is the same. How do we become unbiased if no one changes the game?
The world is not the same anymore everything now twists, everything now turns with all the new technology we the people are not the same we care less and blame more
It is not about the money. It is about what makes you happy. The check is appealing. But is the job base on your feeling? Boring office job or exciting danger. Simple life or adventure.
Like sand through my fingers And wind through my hair, I'm letting them slip  And don't know if I care. So close, but out of reach, They're whispering my name, I can't tell who is different
I try to forget the night. The night I heard the news.
It's that time again that same Box again. That tiny square on every test that taunts me and says: You don't fit in here You don't fit in anywhere Your skin is too pale, you non-Chicana
To change the world change must happen within ourselves Morality compromised by the drive of selfish ambition for if compassion is lost  how can humanity change? Aching souls sit on the shelves of the forgotten
Morphing from sky hue to minty green blue Stretching beyond the horizon of one’s eye With this great bundle of water there is no clue
After everything, you were ignoredLike me before, lonely and boredI chose to take a standGave to you my hand
Mental illness is never taken as seriously as it is. People critize and ridicule us with depression, saying "Wow, you're such an attention-seeker." If only they knew.
Job programs are being created for those with exotic skins. I am white, where are my programs? There are no scholarships for being white. I am lesser, but I am told everyday I'm greater.
So you pick on me? Why? Do you really hate me like you said? Or is that a lie. Like the lies you tell to everyone else saying I did something Like I am your enemy Well your mine Your my enemy
I can’t change the whole world, but I can change mine. Change starts from within, one person at a time. Giving, forgiving, reaching, teaching and I’m                        Changing my world.
If I could change anything it would be struggle For those people who live their daily lives in sorrow For the families who don’t know where their next meal will come from
Sitting here just thinking what to write, But then I noticed we're in a fight, A fight for our lives and for salvation, The world has gone astray with no education, You smoke weed and don't take heed,
Would it be so hard to touch a heart?
Stop Torturing Me With Your Memories
Scars do not mean that the pain is over Healing deprives me of strength Ubiquitous flashbacks of the good times  Mingling with frustration, despair and longing I’ve been trying to retaliate
A complicated notion of time An ideology of one's self that allows us to think and believe the world to be a better place A place of hope, joy and peace A place where lovers from all walks of life can come out in the open
I feel useless I feel unloved I feel like no one contacts me unless they need something I know it's true because when I need someone, No one replies But the second they need me I am there
You ask me what would i change And it might sound some what strange Cuz if you see me you'll say she's to young to think this way, But one thing that must be gone is how people have no say
Not a Nobody   This story rings true To me and you A story of a kid Who thought he knew
               Somtimes in life it seem's you take two steps forward and get knock back three 
She came early today She said she took the long way And had something to say   She told me some lies She told me some truth She told me she tries Sometimes what’s the use  
Don’t mind me I’m really ok I just don’t want to be awake All I ever do is make mistakes Don’t find me I’m running away I just don’t want to be Someone like me
We look at change and we shutter in fear to be ourselves yet they won't hear I wonder if they care I try so hard just to be accepted my true identity I guard He loves me so
I am not yet grown but i do have a mind Like a canvas with a painter i am drawing my own picture let me live as i believe not as you choose  for you are like the the eraser of a line yet to be drawn 
I'm in a smoky bubble and it take all of the shine out of life and makes everything turn into rubble It just keeps you blind to everything else except the bad It distorts reality making you feel confined
Fog hovering Air crisp Jagged mosaic beneath the feet of ignorance Always. Endlessly finding the perfect one Waves break  Heart break Shells break Embrace the break
The ability to not worry about the past, All of yesterday's problems, never do last. The ability to not stress of the future, Not even about the necessity of lucre.  
Peace cannot exist, but what is this? Hunger cannot be solved, but that does not mean we can't be involved. Changing the world is impossible, but doing so piece by piece make it plasible.
They say that over thinking kills the mind. Too young to stress but yet stress about grown folks "problems " I can't write anything on paper without two little people. On my shoulder debating about who's right. I am afraid.
Love .... One of the craziest words in the dictionary.
Dark, scary but always there Oh but there is light All you do is look up
Dark and scary but always there Oh but there is light All you do is look up
There was a little seedOne planted six feet downHidden from earths greedInnocence in the groundEach and every day it grewNever in a huryHad lots of time to think things through
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
I want to change the world, and i think you know why We can't change the world no matter how hard we try. We see it happen daily, we see it and you know.  Yet...we don't try to change things. 
Imagine you are in a box you cannot move the tiny space only allows you to lay awkwardly there is a tube down your throat filling your stomach with liquids you have never tasted solid food
Because i loved am able to let to because i loved i was able to close  my eyes to the noise of the world The words that shot throw my heart breaking every lungs and bones how am i still able to breath
I've always been a dreamer. i've always wanted things that were just too far out of my reach. Yesterday, I wanted to be a singer on Broadway's bright stages. I still do, and I always will.
People say mean things they say I'm not good enough say I'm ugly or dumb   sometimes they are right  sometimes I am dumb enough to listen to the hateful words  
I have become a nobody,I am on a road to nothingness.This road is made of pills and blades,
I often regret the day we met
   One thing I would change..... But there's so many things to change.. We all have things to say, Thoughts to portrait, But I know who says everything that comes to mind...  
Unquestioning devotion to the words of many, our minds become dry and useless. Wake up! We must transgress
I try not to complain, I try not to make a fuss, But it is time  to make a ruckus. Late nights Early mornings, Why won't it end? Why am I a slave to this system called "education"?
In a house of many rooms,
“Depression”   I’m tired of wearing the painted grin That mocks me and all of my sin. The pain of my soul and my mind
One thing I would change about t
You say that I've changed but you're the reason i'm so cold. Get out of my head, the fights quickly get old. You've made me so heartless something I knew nothing of. Once you broke my heart,
Isolate yourself then ask why you're so lonely. Tell you how I think, now I feel like a phony. These poisons were shared over and over before,  between you and I,  this darkness we tore.
Infinite Love disables you Challenging
When we change the world, we will  twirl.  When we change the world, bombs will stop being hurled.
Walk my way and a thousand violins begin to play, or it might be the sound of your hello.
It's completely natural to me, Like I've done it all my life, It helps to take away the pain, The way they treat me is wrong, It helps to take it all away, It helps relieve the stress,
    I’m not saying sorry,
Grab my heart and squeeze. Make me suffer, make me bleed. I can barely breathe. Dry heave, all these happy memories. I can’t stand to watch you leave, Remembering lost moments of ecstasy.
A thousand diamonds on your face, Yet your eyes demand their grace. You with me, a long embrace, To touch your diamond face,
These scars tell my past
A Social Construct The Cause of Destruction The Odds Of All Evil Coming Against All People The Discrimination, Though' We Stand As One Nation Years To Decades Centuries To History
Thick with lies I am doused in solitude - a change of events I carry from past to future. Only the bruised mirror of existentialism can open my eyes to a sad truth of careless, reckless, intentional hesitancy.
If I had complete reign, (In a totally non-totalitarian way) my first decree as Queen would be to abolish hardships faced by humanity. The hunger-stricken will never face a day without food,
It hurt when the one you love leave you. It hurt when no one cares about you.    
    I walk in. Adrenaline, excitement, panic, and love crash into me all at once. I look up. Hundreds of lights, thousands of colors, and endless possibilities hang above me. I look out.
Fear is what keeps you up in the night, the noises the knocks the sounds.
What I Would Change By Adde Kramer   Sadness I have a happy voice that can be heard by fe ut e people that do hear i hop are happy too.  
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
Such a beautiful soul Flying free Soaring over mountains Limitless as can be   No one can bring her down
A night to remember, a spin and a glideas we make our way through the aisle.I was too young when you left my side.
If an Author is a job than believe me my life will be changed. I sit and pondered on what is it I want to do for the rest of my life. It came clear to me that it would be to write.
I look and see greatness and admiration. I always have to look pass my procrastination. I would like to change that so I could get more things done.
Love you I do,Love you I will,Help you I do,Help you I will.What are you going to do with your life?What are you going to do with yours?I’ve helped,
Love a shadow             Gray in vigor             Gold in prime             Gone as all             Given in gifts                         An endless friend
ahe looked at her scars, her bracelets and then she told herself "ill never need them again" she picked up the razor and aimed at her wrist but something peculiar haooened; she missed.
More than a shadow             My sweetheart             A friend, sister             Rain in tears             Tracked by the past            
My soul mate             One day             I find myself fly away             Leave this world             Above the stars               Back again
Never letting go of me                         Shifting, thinking, bending             You twist my body             Whirling me around             Glamorous  
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
How amazing it would be to work with your senses.
Golden Angel   Living time lord Immersed in vast expanse of technology Ingenious beyond comprehension A man of good will   Fathering those of your own bloodlines
you are the stars i gaze at every single night you are the sun i wake to with its rays of golden light you frolic in my orangejuice and snuggle in my bread you've nestled in my heart and you've rooted in my head
If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it.  For we already have the capability to rearrange it.  We are a feeling species. Full of love and of hate. Yet we cannot appretiate that fact.   
With the world acting as her mirror The Girl was only told harsh words And she couldn’t help but listen For it demanded to be heard   “Your ghost-like skin is sickening
If you find something you love; then you'll never work a day of your life. I was told this as a child. I was told this as a teen and now im just understanding the concept of how it can effect my life.
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Hard Work             Drive through flames             Face the endless nights             Burn doubt and all else             Arise higher than the sun            
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
I don't understand why you turn backs on friends. First you tell stories using my name,Just so you have someone to blame. Then only after you make all these harmful jokes,It's my self-confidence you've begun to choke.
Change is an easy word to say but very hard to do Change comes in all forms no matter how BIG or how 
As he sat down next to me  Casually pulled me onto his lap He didnt mean it, I couldn't see I felt my knees get weak and collapse  His smile took me away  When he whispered quietly in my ear 
My life does not truly begin without a dream,
I know what its like, To not belong, To be called weird, Just for being me. I am alone, I know not what I did, I know not why, But I stand alone.
What would you change behind a glass window in a small room?  What would you change with the words of someone who owns no voice?   What would you do with the power of someone else with power?  What change the world?
Everyday I give someone a warm hug I warm their spirits and make them snug But I, who gives these warm hugs Feel cold like and empty mug For although I love to see A smile made by me
Past, Present, Future Trying to change the first without worrying about the second or third, im a past veteran, a present warrior, a future trooper Fighting without so much as a sword, yet im still swinging like i got an axe
  I sit on the corning and someone scowls, I take a hit to shrug it off. I see mom laying with a bottle again, I take a hit so the blows wont hurt this time.
Some say you have to be cruel to be kindI say being cruel is just so you could say hurtful things to othersAnd not care what that person thinks.All my life I have been bullied and witnessed others being bullied
If I told you I was suicidal would you believe me? Maybe I don't cut, and maybe I don't attempt, but I sure do think about it every waking moment. 
Broken mirrors scattered across the floor Shattered mirrors and broken doors The remainder of a forgotten, past war And the dying bodies of a marine corps  
Women and men are taught  from the time of babes to rate a woman's beauty on the size of her dress a man on the size of his bicep to discount a girl on the length of her skirt
I am one One person who has more added to his life and gets parts of him subtracted from both left and right Im in the negatives, but i stay positive
You were taken too soon my friend And I sit here and wonder  Why your life had to end Like the rolling of thunder    My one regret is not responding In the month of November
A change is a simple concept, One few are able to grasp. Change is not normally accepted, And to some, it means a new you, a new life.
For Kathy, the girl who managed to break my heart. Thanks for the memories.  
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
One thought to change a world. One dream to fly in clouds. If only one breath could be pure. If only one ocean could be clean. If only one society could see, What they do affects one world.
I have anger   that boils within me. it erupts like a valcano. Therapy can help you.   I'm always sad. Moving hurts me. All I do is cry. My tears could fill a river.
Changing Forrest    All my life I have heard, run Forrest run! You can't see the Forrest for the trees!
Diseases, diseasesKeep me with Jesus. My name's not punk,Nor am I junk.To give you a start,I have my own heart.
  If there was one thing I could end, It would be Abuse. I never experienced such phenomena myself, and I am thankful. However, others are not so fortunate.
drifting through time with no one to be why cant anybody see me? i do my best for all to see but no one notices me im in all the plays and all the pictures
in this world filled with hate you have managed to take the bait heaven in and out of hell some love is gentle and filled with sweets while others are brutal that threaten to beat
waiting for a war to begin can't get past the sin trying for a new begining in a world still blooming i always wonder what i'd be like if i hadn't met you im only looking for someone who'll say
My head spins, jumps, and slides, I feel like I have so little time!
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
Listen. Many questions come and go, with wonder stirring in woe, all the answers appear to glisten, but with no one here to listen, they fade away without a single sound,
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
As precious as they are They seem to fall No matter how I try They betray me
The Dark that cones, the dark that rises. The darkness that is the light, in all my wrong doing. If you protect me from myself, your protecting me from THE DARKNESS.
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
Why must we try,  on something that'll never work? If just looking at me is painful, Why even try?   If there is no rhym nor reason, then what's the point?  what's there to say?  
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
kiss my petal-pink lips   hold My tinny hands   stroke my porcelain cheek   if you only knew not every doll is a sweet little Girl ;  
I promised myself it wouldn't happen.
In life there are a lot of things i would like to change, But I think the thing i would like to change most is how people look down on others because of there lifestyles such as homesexuality, Lesbian, Bisexual.
If I could change one thingIm sure what it would beI would push countries togethereleminate boarders, I would open their eyesand make them forget the colors.
Speak.Talk.Communicate. Empty phrases, for what do they accomplish but prove their own necessity? Change is not prompted by force. Yet force is prompted by change.
If I could change my world, what would I change? Would I change the enviroment, the politics? Would I chance the schools, the laws?
Change is at the mercy of the law, But the law is not at the mercy of change. You can not rebuild an engine all at once, It is done in steps. If there is a bad part that needs fixing,
You have heard it said so many times Each time I hear it my determination climbs Chase your dreams don't let them get away For if you do in the end you will pay So go out in the world and make a name for yourself
Change   If there was something I could change What would it be The mindset of so many Displaying their animosity   Loathing and contempt Or just simple indifference
Why does it hurt when, I keep things bottled in? I need to let these thoughts free, I'm just afraid of people's thoughts of me. Love me for who I am, I wish they would,
He took my brother He took my father He laughed when I cried  My mother never forgave him The world hated him but he went on with the slaughter using death as his weapon I tried to stop him
I followed him desperately Did anyone see? Craving him, half-heartedly thinking till someone catches us. We who look like thieves, however nothing to take but my lustful purity.
It may be one of the scariest things to say, Your heart starts beating and your palms are sweaty, But you look over and see the most beautiful girl lying next to you,
People say that we cant change once we sat who we are we can never go back but is that true   others say that love can fix it but is it possible    for the oe i love i sure hope so 
Reminisce'in in the depths Of my solitude. "Why should be dying to live If I'm living to die" Looking to the clouds for Inspiration. That's where I want My burning soul to lie For my resurrection.
Love you "say" but its not true. Its just another word for "forget you" Told me you love me, told me you cared. But why arent you standing here? You made it up didnt you? just to fill in the blank.
missing you is easy to do every memory like water stains on the pages of my brain they have been engrained to my soul only your hands can unfold thee only your words can console me missing you is easy to do your love is my drug with every touch e
If I could change anything, I would start with the way our generation chooses to think; The power of our voice is contagious and on the brink.
she lived through pitch blackness she held siccors to her stomach for hours on end she held bottles of bleach in her hands  her tears silently falling as she tried bringing it up to her lips
I look around and feel all the walls closing in trapping my thoughts my feelings my voice deep within I look into this glass tracing my imperfections with my fingertips a tear drops from my eye and sails across my lips a ship containing my fears
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
Mommy, I'm not really sure Why you won’t cut my hair Or why you dress me up in skirts And dresses and in heels   Can't I wear a suit instead?
Let not your world change to gray Even if you have shut them all away It's not your fault
You ask meIn this world we sailIf one thing I could changeWhat thing would this be?One thing I would changeIt is simple, yet slightly strangeThere would be no left or right brain
A young child was I, innocent and free, with my best of firends a boy named jack. we were young and like all, carefree only one difference he was black. At the local corrnerstore we were the same,
The depth of it all, the rise and the fall. Room 116A, just making sure I'm okay. Tomorrow isn't promised, yesterday wasn't either. Blood steaming like fire, it's like my heart has a fever. Yes, I'm a non believer but I did believe him.
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
changing life...changing minds...changing hearts. judgement passes through us all, piercing eyes like darts quick to judge but too slow to realize... to realize...the pain of war...the pain of loss...the pain of life
A grey spot with a glimpse of sorrow
he was mine and I was his he held the love of her and I his little hands is what I remember most, the way they fit in mine.
we are fulfilled with ideas of change we freeze in our tracks thinking of the fears that we have been forced to believed   we do have such abilities but will we ever be strong enought to overcome such fear
I sit here, so brood imagining all the words I could blend what a dulcet way of thinking   The way you percieve things creates bubbling revelations we take for granted what we possess
God is a hide and seek player He's the seeker He sometimes intimidates the hiders They are afraid of what He will find   He's the seeker God would walk around a hiding place, knowing
The strength of those who know of how you cannot harm anyone for long. How can such a short trial, be of much harm? When they will know how you can never last for long. Life is
    You can't imagine what its like, inside here.
"So What?" you say.  "I don't care about what you want.  We don't need you. You're not qualified. "   I wanted to be in your class.  How could you turn me away?  I worked so hard!   
Have you ever tried rekindling a fire While another still burns? The heat of one draws you in, But the ashes on the ground Torment your heart.  Which will gain your favor? The risk and passion
One dollarThat's all it takesTo save a lifeFrom a distraught place Where the mosquitos buzzand water runs brownThe situation is poisedTo take one down
  Sniffles and coughs. Shoes crunching frostbit grass and raw wind whistling its way through silence. Generations of family shed tear drops of sorrow as all gather around a six foot deep pit
“Asian” used to be a thing of beauty, But now there are images of labor— Simply that is our soul duty. But we, just like all, are humble neighbors.  
The map is drawn and the lands are imagined. Nations formed out of mere thoughts. Yet the places and peoples are unreal,
I try to ignore what could have been.Playing a game that I just can't win.Picking a lock that I can't open.Where the path not taken is held within.But the path of regret is where I walk.
If I could write a wordThat could strike a nerve,Incite the flight of a flightless bird,I'd write a verse.A single verb could inspire riots,Or silence herds,Stifle violence,Ignite defiance,
Eyes swelled up with tears, As i said goodbye to YESTERDAY. The promise of romance drowning in the ocean of my heart.
Dezmonique A. Garris Alzheimers I walked up to an older lady and told her, “I am your lover”, I told her never to forget me and that there will be no other.
The artist is alone, seeing as he does the horrors that surround  this world of his.   The meadows repulse him. Beneath the veneer of green, he sees only the mud.
All the room is silent Sounds of pens clicking Teachers flipping through the pages of the same book Suddenly a girl walks in She seems different Smells different, too Boys snicker and tell her things
A voice whispers in my ear Filling me with doubt Telling me I can't do this And I definitely can't do that
A haunt, a lilt, a stutter
I think I'm in love with you,
I’ve got ‘So it Goes’ tattooed on my rib cage after the great late Kurt Vonnegut; now retired and unstuck in time.
What shall I say of the seasons? In Autumn’s throes another limb crashes down Deceased Used for naught but the kindling of fire Even of Winter’s frigid squalls barreling through Hollow
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                          
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                            Everyone is asleep but here I lay wide awake        
I lost my father at the age of fourteen, 
Imagination The most cunning of human machinations Is, without some resultant flare For naught, merely spare   Flame Cannot be born without frame For the kindling that sustains
Music flowing through ears With notes of inspiration  Giving air to choking cells Of my minds concentration
Finding someone Find something Once you find it  Once you find them Don't let it go Let them know You're there for them But here for you Here for you
I worry for the worst,  Wistfuly hanging and hoping for the moment, When something will be dfferent, When something will come first, Something besides just looks and stares,
a quasar magnificently far from the tree outside the classroom the tree that is somehow put together from carbon and nitrogen exactly close to a quasar precisely the same as star stuff
In my mind there are two side
    On the edge of night's darkest skies
How can beauty be such a talent?
Your eyes, filled with love. One brown, the other hazel. I can't look away. 
I am alone and yet I am not alone I am not surrounded by others I am not engrossed in conversation And yet I do not panic though I am by myself I am my own company Here is what matters the most to me
Bullying hurt.. No matter how old your are Step up and say something More than a 1,000 kids are bullyied It hurts... I know it does Make a change to your school and reach out to others
 A bebop roadshow, slapping and jumping Loose and direct, structured like a wire Going zip and zap, spreading its electrical seed, Feeling around the corner, hiding with the lights on Do we know what it is?
  Love, what is it?
My past no longer haunts Death has lost its sting Pain can now be ignored No hate lives in my heart It is not because the pain has gone Suffering is my constant companion
This world has a cold heart will someone warm it up? I sit at the table with no one to pick up the other cup. Inside me burns a fire that needs to be kindled
 If I could only escape to the world of my dreams. . .
Empty Promises
It all began with a chase. A runner that dashed by me.   I cannot explain, exactly,
The power of my ink tells a story, Its tells you who I am without having to say sorry. Whether its the tatto on my shoulder or the one on my waist It can be the ink on my paper either way it will not be erased.
Sins of a father
Ignorance may be bliss but it’s time to risk awareness. Knowledge hurts, but nothing in this world is painless. You may have a thirst for love, but I have a thirst for wisdom.
Picking at her bloody wounds There she hides inside her room Reliving that awful night Shes sinking, drowning, drenched in frieght tears stain her mournful eyes wishing what she heard were lies  
Caught in An Endless Breeze
Poetry is a friend. It is a coach. It is love.  A poem is like you first time riding a horse,  It scares you, but it's fun. Poetry runs like the river flowing,  I whispers in the wind,
Wrinkled man in a coffee house, sipping coffee on his own.  People chatter all around; still he feels all alone.  Men have died of illness since, war had taken many friends. 
Such strange thoughts surround me The soul of the wise in this body of youth cries out in uncertain desire  The love of purity and strength is ignored by shields of ignorance, stupidity, laughs
Tears, like rain, stream across the world.  Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters; tears of joy and of remorse; tears of fear and of sorrow.  Each speak of another language hate, love, anger, despair. 
I woke up early in the morning When I looked out the view was boring All I saw was old homes and grey cement No more green orchards Now I was tortured Stuck looking at the rubble
  You only write once slam
Jasai Perkins You Only Write Once 
What art thou that thee pierce thine heart so? Art thou thine love? I shall never know
I been called the future I been told i could make it But I'm totured by failure and by past defeats   I have a chance to take  to take power back but the quiver its empty the sword dull
I believe in the innocence of a child The freedom of a kid The choices of a teenager The maturity of an adult
Don't call me a female that's not me always told I'm wrong by society but I'm not wrong don't even try rejections sharp sting won't make me cry I am strong I am true I'm just me
A little girl, grew up so fast, so many choices. What shoes to wear, what friends to make, and who to date.
“FROM THE ASHES” by Thomas McClellanJanuary 30, 2014 A life so bright, yet so young,
It was in the dawn covered in dew That we begin our journey true We had no haste, no time to waste Our lives had changed years before, husbands taken by the war
Miss you, bro:  
How could one shirt Be different from another? A name Can change the game, my naive brotha .   How could my pants Bring me such shame? An extra sharp design
She deserves all the world has to offer. How dare I not give back to the woman that gave me life. No matter the situation she was there for me.
You know there are days that I wonder If it was always meant to be like this, If imperfection was programmed into our souls to make us live- Or if it found us later,
They say if you drown in the oceanYou become a mermaid   You always ate the end peice of the loafNow they sit molding in a basket. 
Dear Santa,
Everyone keeps asking me so what you been up to and I'm always like what do you mean? I mean what are your plans, how are things going? I guess I'm fine just you know the usual, getting ready for prom, finishing up with school.
The moldless block of clay stares back at me,  vapid and ugly in nature, it begs to become art.  To be made into something from nothing 
My whole life I held everyhthing inside Trying to run and trying to hide Scared of what people would see Never showing the real me Until now finally feeling so alive
There is a life to the city, a vitality not found in Suburbia. Uniqueness, sprinkled in among the chain coffee shops. Food trucks with steam rising from them on cold days,
please come out of your hiding come out and show your face, please I am watching, waiting for you to come out of your hiding   i need to know there is someone please show me,
The coffee creamer of society I am what others believe It is tough not knowing your nationality For it is based on the individual and what they perceive Natives see the refined, marble white
We all deal with monsters, Monsters in our heads, Monsters in our bodies. Depression, Scizophrenia, Rymitoid, CRPS. The monsters kill us, Inside and out, To the point of no return,
There you lay, in box of the deceased.I watch as they carry you to the nest of our creator.Stiff as rock, and cold as a winter’s day.Here I am wasting away what others have achieved.
Creativity feeds on expression,It thrives on liberation,It fears oppression,And it creates affection. So let your mind free,Let your spirit be,Be your own entity,Your act is the key.
   Damn the way life could change, it’s really such a shame the thing you have became
Whenever I am lost or lonely, I know that I need only to pick a book and disappear. Whenever I am hapless or unhappy, I know that I need only to find solace in these pages.
One choice decides life How should I know what to do  It stresses me out
Your aroma is so pleasingYour smell is so delightfulTo my senses you are appeasingWithout you, I can be spiteful
The woods are silent tonight There is not even a peep in it All of a sudden there is a light It grows larger by the minute The animals run for their lives trying not to breath in the smoke
I'm fighting through veils and curtains and the smoke and mirrors of my mind. My fears. My failure. Pulling rejection out of tophats  and vanishing self esteem under cloths.
A smile  A conversation A meet-cute A date A meal A walk A chat A connection A kiss A week  A month A year A home A puppy A marriage
I'm pretty She's sad I'm pimply He's presumtuous I'm indifferent She's trying to hard I'm cool He thinks I'm awkward She thinks I'm jealous I believe She feels
Pain , I say i wont complain bearing the burden, words like  birds fly to verbs then contain the vains of my plain out of frame eyes
It's hard to enjoy the moment when The future is as close as an arms length
I met a man who chased his dreams By walking between the clouds After his other dreams had abandoned him. He thought that standing on a rope between poles Was the best way to be brave 
I am a punk rockerRocking out to the drunken moon. I am the moon drunken on the everlasting plea for the sun's rays to shine on him. I am the super sun shining for a day that never ends.
When I trythey laugh,wanting me to failWhen I flythey bring me down,begging me to fallWhen I liethey call me out,praying for my sinsWhen I crythey make fun of me,
  I am from the city of bright lights & the Big Apple I am from the Brooklyn Borrow, fast cars and fast shots I am from place to place I am from that Haitian good good
Scream and shout Breathe in, breathe out
I've waged war against you, in my head and in my heart. If there is anything I've learned about war, it's that we always falls apart.
But over-complicating the same simple emotions over and over again.
Restless. Suspended in stagnation. Reflective hibernation.
You may hate them, But you don't. You know they're right,  But you still doubt. You want to leave, But you can't resist Because they're your family. They can't lose you.
The cold blade that's pressed to my throat,
Change.  We all want change
In a time when all my hopes were dim, You were the candle that brightened my day. When my circumstances were all too grim, You were with me all the way.   When I said I lost and was ready to quit,
thirteen weeks. then ten days. then some months.  that's how long he'll be away.   While he serves the country, I will wait for his return, for his love  is worth any wait.  
Simplicity is rich to the poor mans eyes. Why war, why rumor, why lies? A books cover is beautiful, tho torn inside. Leave out the war, rumors, and lies. A book was not meant to attract flies.
I'm helpless I'm broken I have no rights You cut me and pull me while I try to fight. In my plight this is What I have to say: I love you mom 
Yes honey im flawed
Do not with your tongue speak, Those three words that make fools weak.   Love we say, and is that okay?
I always s
I am not a
When you look into your reflection, what do you see? Probably the rippled mirage of your blue, glowing face.
When in the dark I reflect on me I realize
The wind in my face Around and around the track The finish line near
You and I are different  You and I are the same You and I are pieces of the same game You and I are black 
Inertia, drifters' neccessary companion and most fearsome adversary. Inertia, she carries the car through the drift, or carries the car through the wall. Inertia, the maker or the breaker.
Go Don't go Stop Don't go don't stop React Don't react Think Don't react don't think Decide Don't decide Feel, because as you grow
Whispers in the ear, voices in the head, I don't understand.
You laugh heartily
A warm embrace After a long day. Your breath on my face Telling me it's ok. That's how you can make me fall Because that's what I'll never make.   That I'm safe with you
His hands are rough as stone. His eyes are filled with fire. His hair is brown like a mocha. His head rest perfectly on top of my head. His hands maybe rough but they are gentle when he touches me.
To sleep perchance to dream But you got it wrong Shakespeare I dream perchance to sleep I only sleep eight hours a day But I dream constantly I dream dreams that give purpose to my life
Outside my windowa chorus grows
Day in and Day out
You look at me with star brightened eyes. You see my moment of weakness - As you watch my wall that I've tried for so long to build - Crashes to the ground. Because, you see, unlike you, I had no walls.
Drip drop, pitter patter
While we walked up the gravel path through the hills. I looked upon these stone memorials. Simply thinking to myself about the days that are flying by, so fast. The days that mean so little, yet so much at the same time.
The wide eyed girl, who stares up at me with curious yet confused eyes. She looks at me with admiration, yet as if I am a puzzle she is trying to fit together in her mind.
  I’m cracked from where She threw a book at me Heavy and thick,  her arms shook with the effort of tossing it  
The "Unfortunate" Tree   He is standing by the tree,
What is it with people? Is it my face? Is it my hair?  or perhaps my race? Does it really matter, Or should I really care? I mean, after all... It's my life, not theirs.   
The hours she spends to be perfect, the hours tries to cover her flaws. She cannot see the beauty within, she only sees the ugly outside. If only she could leave the quarrel; just disappear into thin air.
As I lay here Staring at my husband Wondering what is on his mind  As he slowly Turns his head and stares at me
  The apostle Paul, in the first book of Corinthians and the thirteenth chapter said: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a
The Struggers
If the stars disappeared 
Los Angeles,
Giving Up So Easily Seems like the best thing Youve tried to make it work but everythings tells you no! Giving up or Giving in which one has more of a consequence
Why do we worry and where do we place our values life is not as simple as pass go and collect 200 dollars the ideas you are fed help none what so ever struggling for self identification and reconciliation
I have been told, to do this and that. I listened but I brushed it off. They want me to think inside the box, I said "even the tiger in the Bronx zoo wouldn't".   I have been plated with,
I stare at the mirror. Ugly! I blink back tears. Fat! I know it's not true. Don't I?   I look fine. Hidden under clothes! People think I'm cute. They pity you!
Drop back fade to black Vanish now away, away Never be seen, never be heard Vanish now away, away   To be unseen is how I am  To be clear like glass, away from their eyes
    We're caught up in our own world,  spiraling down in a never ending twirl,  or maybe we're drowning in a never-ending swirl.      We try to catch our breath and gasp for air,
Happiness is my key, all I want to see. 
Layer 1 I am quite, I am meek, I am smart, I am shy.  That is the mask I wear. Layer 2 I am quirky, I am fun, I am sponatneous, I am loyal. Only a few see this.
Words give life, They create magic, They create new worlds, Colors and shapes form before your very eyes, You are no longer you but someone new, You live in a distant land far away.
I need an escape, I need to leave, But how can I? I can't run from it, It ever leave. The demon inside is too strong, I can't run, I can't hide. You tell me to fight,
You’ll never know how many times I’ve been opened
If i could change the world, i'd change how we treat our girls.   The way we judge them like pearls...   The way we make them feel, the things they have to deal... The pain that is real...
He’s got long, gray, gnarly fingers like the branches of a dying tree,
Acceptance is what I choose to need. To get away from my misery. I trust those who hurt and love those who use me.
Acceptance is what I choose to need. To get away from my misery. I trust those who hurt and love those who use me.
Like robots, bodies fill the halls Lifeless, uncaring, unseeing about those they pass So many people, heads hung low with lips turned down Others move in groups of two or more
Like a breath of cold air, i am lonely with fear,this pain i feel ,i just can't bear,it is painful enough to kill,ones fragile heart,Like a breath of cold air,to repair the heart,that was taken apart,by one careless words,by me taking out this bla
  ***This Poem was written to help others who have difficulty coping with depression and bullying who need help**    
The time was...where the sun and its light don't shine. Darkness...for the moment and the victim were right.   I laid to sleep but was awaken from my dreams. Laying on my sheets, was a demon next to me.  
Cracks The forceful rush of the wind detained me, clinging to my back tightly. No longer seeing red, no longer filled with anger and deceit, I reached for the ridge up above.
I was only ten when I became anorexic.I was starving myselfin order to become plastic.Now I am strong, but I look around to seePeople trying to tell memy lack of beauty.
It’s a drink on Saturday nights, But you better be at church on Sunday. It’s high school football, Friday night lights, We all dread work on Monday.   The late summer nights, starry and warm,
I'm looking at the waves, entranced by their strength. They throw me under and thrust me aside, as if my presence isn't a bother at all.
In my short 16 years of life I've put myself into some crazy situations.
  Pulling hair and calling names transforms to
A tragic simile to compare
I want a home where I can be me A place where I can just be, free Somewhere my heart can really live Somewhere my heart can truly give   Home is where the heart is But that's just where we started
If love is a fire burning brighter by the hour Does it require fuel or burn by its own power? It always begins in each of us the same A spark from the eyes,a smile, a flame
Don't do it So you aren't perfect after all No one asked you to be Neither am I Neither is he Neither is she We all have a purpose Find it Lets make a difference
She told herself that she never wants to be awaken,
When it hurts will we still see why we got together promise not to ever be temporary Because I can’t take it anymore I need you in my life You make me laugh when I don’t want to You hold me when I don’t your love
Is it really fair to put the title last?   It is the  begining is it not?  
Outside it is cold but I am warm in soulmy mind is ever focused my goal is clearsitting in the woods to kill the goalI watch as he moves back in the brush eyes showing fearLooking ahead with uneasy mind
After the shot Breathing slowly Crimson blood flows, and  Dreams fade to black. Everything I once knew,
+Child Soldier
It's funny right? At first glance people think they know who you are There isn't a second chance another glance just that one and their mind is made That makes me wonder what they see
So here's the thing- We're all on earth. Everyone is from the moment of birth.   And while we're here, our goal should be to love others instead of loving "me".  
Sanity My secrets are safe as my sanity retreats further my mind, The longer I wait the more i lose,
Freedom -a return of serotonin and peace,  without any drugs there's a pressure release.  Relief from worry, suffering and pain,  light and sound don't bother, being simply plain. 
When you look at me what do see?Do you see an original or do you see a copy? Do you see beauty or do you see ugliness? When you look at me what do you see? Do you see a rich person or do you see a poor person?
It calls my name late at night with no one left to hear My hands cover my ears but still it slinks into my brain It's touch is so forceful I feel my head about to implode
Poetic days Lyricas dreams Emotional nights and Sensational dreams Elements of life Events to me So poetically dedicated  and proud to be  Luxurious thoughts beautiful scenes
HONESTLY-Sometimes I get flustered because I don’t know what my future holds and
Dear Mirro
As I look around the street I realize that I'm not where I'm supposed to be. Somewhere someone has realized I haven't arrived and is searching just for me. I have to hurry. But I forget about that
For as long as you've lived they''ve helped you stay strong kept a place amongst them where only you can belong   your Family is there  for you even if all seems to be  grim
Give me floweres while I can smell em'. They're the only little presence that keeps me in the heaven of heavens. they say "oh here we go again" again with the misdemeanors, with my brother who gave a meaner,
From space, you are a speck of dust, A delicate flower, Swaying for the amusement of others, Underestimated to the point of insult From across the horizon, you are but a wave
Wrapped up in a thick material like a fragile piece of glass. Down to my thighs. Solid black. Unobtrusive. Hidden. Afraid. Eyes look out into the big world. They don't see you.
When you are feeling sad and blue, And your darkest nightmares are coming true, Go to your window in your room, And when the sky is at its darkest, Look for the moon. Why I tell you this?
I needed you like I needed poetry..
I've learned my lesson Want things done for me Used to things done for me I strive for my independence, that feeling of success  But to ignorant to see I hardly scratch the surface
The young quiet girl with baby blue eyes, I see her in school, I see how she hides, But hides what I dont know.   The young quiet girl who never did speak, I see her get bullied,
  Tears trickle in little troughs down my back Poor babies, poor children Crystal vases in Heaven shatter when they hit the ground Like a living thing they stumble haltingly down my back
Sometimes I wish I could just hide Sometimes I wish I could be eveyone else Sometimes I wish I could smoke pot Sometimes I wish I didn't play music Sometimes I wish my hair was a normal color
Misophonia     Overloaded tortured table, stunning silver, growing feast, smells good. Stomach grumbling, mouth drooling, tongue twitching, can’t                                              
Somewhere in between the brightest most beautiful place and  the most darkest grimest place is where I resign. No smile no frown. Down with no thoughts of tomorrow or now just left with the constant tick-tok from the clock I stare at.
New horizons   The old and the new have come unglooed. The habits and freinds that i once knew, now renewed.
She looks in the mirror who she sees is not who she is.
Lets see where to begin,the process of that fire burning passion,first started talking and things were popping .But eventually reality started crumbling down and things stopped.The guy I thought was my knight and shining armor was just a dumb azz
    Rain can make a the day gloom.   Rain can make the day shine blue.  I sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of rain droplets hitting my window's side.  Eventually it all sound's as one. 
The Suit of happiness, It is all that they see.They think they know everything about me,If they just take one good look at me.But they cant see.Their blinded by this so called happy me.They cant see the depressed,lonel
As the milky moon makes its first debut, into the mysterious dark of night,
Beating of heart Growing ever faint Your smile still strong I try to smile back   You first came into this world So very unique I did not want to fall in love I did not want to get hurt
Beating of heart Growing ever faint Your smile still strong I try to smile back   You first came into this world So very unique I did not want to fall in love I did not want to get hurt
For years and years I sit and I learn. About the stories of our past but the real stories I yearn. I hear of an America that is powerful and great. But I don't hear about the America,  our state, the Hate!
Who is he who protects our life? The patriot, whom we often disregard Why? His honor and love so rife   Living in a world of pure strife The patriot gives all Who is he who protects our life?  
If music is a mirror revealing the depths of my heart Then I will write the darkest song For without forgiveness my soul is lost All that is hope within destruction comes from You
What if my life came crashing down before my eyes,
Every little kid admires an adult every adult wishes to be an minor as we grow we realize that not all is for us and not everything was made for just one   Every morning is a fight to change the future
Pain I feel it taking over me inside The cries, the struggles The pain that needs to be set free Why did you hurt me? Why must I feel the way I do because of you So many questions gone unanswered
Who are you? You! With your surmising glances, You who lies in wake, desperate, for blood Funny.
You are beautiful, You are love, You are worhy   You are worhy of love that you cannot even begin to comprehend. This love is everlasting, unconditional, unfailing, never ending.
I was born with to much Melanin Melanin! Melanin! MELANIN!
My heart is like a puzzle set,broken clear into.From all the guys I've ever met,who hurt me through and through.But you're the one who heals the breaks,and turns away the blue.
when your support fails. you feel unworthy, uncompitent and most of all shame. that you put them trough it, untill they hit the breaking point. when your foundation crumbles you dont know what to do. the only thing you can do is cry.
Standing there Talking to a student My teacher Is making A new world.   She is as White As the moon.   But she talks to Us, Black people, Like we were
look at yourself look at your thighs do you really believe people would care if you died your eyes are to small and your stomach too round feel the adreniline pumping?
So many people are lost in their ways,  Having lost their bearings, strayed in sea,  
Drops of water fall on my plate, ready to spill. The search for answers, the clock is ticking still. Answer my question...why am I still alive? Is it for a reason, to find the meaning of life? I'll just have to do or die. 
It's amazing how you can fall for someone, who see's you as invisible, doesn't care is they break  you They ponder at you wondering who you are I wish they would know me just like I did for him.
Tears run,And shadows crawl,For all of those who've lost it all. Food is less,And hunger more,All our hope is out the door. Sorrow hearts,And weakened souls,As we hold our empty bowls.
Dear Bully, what you do not see is that I am stronger than you. Dear Bully, if you stood in my place you would see the hell you put me through. Dear Bully, why, oh why, do you do what you do?
What is this feeling I can't seem to control? Deep, deep inside me I no longer feel whole. The world around me seems to be moving fast, but no matter how hard I try, I'm stuck in the past.
Engrained in the very fiber of our culture, Fundamental to our identity, They say it empowers and protects us,  They say that guns make us American,   Our language is corrupt with its influence, 
I feel it on the inside. I feel it in my soul. I feel this certain something that makes my body whole.
With every hit no one can explain
Now he's dead No one knows why He committed suicide On his first try No one knows the thoughts  that went through his mind They're afraid to delve deeper  For fear of what they might find
Her voice is fading from my mind,As time rushes on without her.The time for warm hugs to bindus have long since passed.
Never spare a passing glance, 
Loving caresses Following me endlessly  Appreciation
  He cost her too much Without much luck with their love She left, said goodbye
Staring at walls, out of mind Dark despair calls, like no other kind Shadows swirling, thoughts racing Emotions twirling, no point in chasing
Alone.                 A hole.                             A sadness.     A blue comfort.       My heart is a lonely hunter Who spends its life
Absent from the beginning
Ever since i was small, all ive ever had a heart for was children. Sure im generally a chill person but there's always this thing with me when it comes to adults.
If words could be tasted Would idiot be sour? Would oppress be foul? Would morbid be bitter? Would smack be acidic?   Or would finesse be like honey?
I hate poetry.I think it's a waste of time.
You only write once is a very true statement. My generation is motivated by money, power, and respect. My hunger was always driven by intellect. A good education is something intangible that can't be taken away.
I don't know what I'm feeling right now
Success is engraved in my brain More knowledge –I don’t complain  Stupidity is the cousin of ignorance Why y'all still messing with racism Lets change the world a bit Our generations was left with shit
The tunnel in front of me glows calling for me
At Eight years old, you believed superman was your real hero. At eight years old, my mom was mine and she needed to heal.   You didnt believe superman ever took off his cape.
colorguard. no. not the military one. the one with the pretty flags,
It's a peculular thing; life, One goes through everyday struggles, Yet never does it end, The endless torment, So what can be done? We can kill the problemers,
No matter how long it's been,
When I was young, 
When I was young, 
Big eyes shining like the mo
Hah! Death, I scoff at the word.  How silly people fear what they know NOTHING about.  "Death; the destruction or extinction of something." Destruction? Extinction? You have no idea! The person is at a place far better than this world.
Growing up can be something to get accustomed to You don’t know who you are just yet You try to find the real you
Needle in a haystackI am the needle
I had a bestfriendHer name was MiaShe gave me tips to ease the painHeld back my hair as I threw up my sinsTaught me how to gag quietlyTold me to never eat hot things
Your words no longer faze me, they can’t hurt me. I cried at night you made me hate me. Your words cut, cut so deep I watched myself bleed. You with your pretty hair and your perfect skin how can I fight back.
lies to cover scandals scandals leading to hurting
say you love me once or twcie
When I was little I was fascinated by my body.I wasn’t even 60 pounds and yetalready known for looking down.People thought I stared at the groundbut instead I was watching my feet,
As it arrives everything diesThe leaves change colorNature's beauty diesBut one true beauty remains in galore
If life were only poetry,  I would write my life away.     Avoiding the constant struggle,  When hardships stop to "play".     If life were but simplicity,  A constant epiphany i would vow. 
Walking through the halls, we all look the same
I've never been the superstitious type, but there's something about that's so supernatural. But yet it feels so natural everytime I look at you. And I felt us drawing close before I even met you.
I wanna run away Away from all the hurt and pain Painful mistakes and irony misplaced Crying................  That is all I know  
Pain like Fire   This pain I’m feeling, is unlike anything I’ve ever felt, Lost, Confused, Heart broken, it’s an everlasting nightmare.   This pain I’m feeling,
A lot of people wonder why I’m so concerned on listening to people’s problems and respecting people.
A dot .
I was 13. Looking in the mirror, It never dawned to me why, Why the window between my teeth, The disproportionate nose, The “five-head”, Too sufficient for just a bang, Not brown
I miss you. What can I say? My burning desire of wanting to be with you grows by each passing day. I see the world in black and white now because you're not here with me.
Soon flowers will growin the deepest and saddest partsof you and you'll bloom
You will always have people in your life that test you There will always be people there to knock you down It may seem that all the negative people are stuck to you like glue
It's the absence of warmth.The familiarity of a hand upon your shoulder.It's departure leaving all but an imprint.
Darkness floods you veins,Your eyes have become reflecting pools,Black like dreamless sleep,You ache for the affection,
I want to fall into you,Like butter on warm toast,Snow on a summer day,The fragrance of a slow cooked roast.  
Broken Promises
FOOD FOOD FOOD Every ravenous soul cries for What is food at all? Is it Satisfaction...? Or a remedy to survival...think about it - I see food as Cruel, Enemy, Evil, Vicious...
When love gets a little easier Maybe I'll be able to say hello and not have my eyes rain Maybe the tulips will finally bloom properly and maybe the dandelions will finally blow in my direction and cover my face with their wishes
    Baby Don't tell a soul ....
I sit among the trees looking up at the sky. My thoughts ponder and ask the question why? Why does it feel like I’m slowly dying?
What do when everything feels like it is falling slowly into a million little pieces? Just one thing after another, Crash, crash, crash, I want to cry but don’t know how, Crash, crash, crash,
I cannot touch you Not physically Yet emotinally and mentally I manage to do. You're so far away But so close to me I tell you goodnight at the end of the day. I wish I we could meet
When will things be different….will I ever get back the innocence I’ve lost. Will I ever smile again and have the light that twinkled in my eye?? Every day is a struggle to go on and to push through all the demons that haunt me.
One step out the door  Come back!!! I can't do that, I've gone to far. I've stepped into deeper waters and I'm drowing. I've dug my own grave and the world is slowly closing in. You can't do this! 
Where I Am From   I am from coffee in the morning to Maxwell House at night. I am from the feel of soft carpet mixed with the vivid smell of roses.
I live to see the sunshine, brighter than the green on pine I live to see the rain, gloomy and forever a pain I live to eat, stuffing my mouth whereever I find a seat I live to drink, only to end up in the kitchen sink
Shes beautiful and she knows it,Even though her body disagrees. Shes weak physically but doesn't not try,As she has a strong will and doesn't want to die. 
Close ur eyes go under luke warm water an stay there for 5 minutes  thats how life was for me  'picture a darkness that is trying to take over  think of trying to scream i cant hear 
All i want to do is play instead of doing work all day. With all the homework and the tests, Its a miracle I have time for rests.  As more work piles up and you start to stress, 
At a certain age We all lose our heads. They roll into the night Out of reach
Whispered sweet nothings, I find nothing sweet The cliched line just burn my aching heart With nervous glances they hurriedly meet Falling "in love" even before they part
I never thought it would hurt that much,
Black holes come from broken hearts... so much disparity in the world over loves now lost
A lot of the time I’m Mid-Night Black Fearing to be seen within the day Hurting to fit in with all that call me prey
Now a day's the 90's generation is so much different the males are growing up disrespecting us women calling us bitches and sluts but
I look up at many faces, at all the many places. so what if I am shorter? Between me and them, there is no border. I don't think people should be judged by height. Toward others, my thoughts are bright.
I saw her there, out in the crowd. I saw her there, my mind cried aloud. She wore black, the shade of her hair. She wore black, the hue of despair. Alone she sat, in an empty pew.
Who really is family ? A question that now at my 17 years old, I'm stuck asking. I was always taught family is only blood and we all watch out for each other. I come from a huge family , so there is no such thing as close family.
Heartbreak is not something that is easy to take For it clouds the mind and causes the esteem to effortlessly break Hours upon hours are spent of you picking up the pieces
Wrote this in the wee hours of the morning, sort of in a trance like state.
Picture this.
Warm, soothing, purring soft ones. Family, gathered for communal peace.   Sarcastic, judging, hurtful words, freezing hearts. Undoing what a roast has done, with another.  
Alone..Always I will be, No place to call home, No one to understand me. Pain turns my heart cold, I'm permanantly sad even though I've got a smile of gold. Alone..I won't ever fit in.
I wander lonely around, As I watch the world move as fast as lightning. I watch those that fall leisurely get up and move on, unbound, While I'm stuck in the black hole I once found shiny.
Life is all stick and stone. Looking out across recent life's sea, Or shall I say looking in, I'm looking at what used to be. I'm not excluded from that life and its kin.
why cant i see you? 
I'm sitting here in the midst of it all, And wishing that I'd never took the fall. I'm hoping that you're somewhere happy, While I'm saying that I hope your life's crappy. This is my revolution of letting go.
I'm sitting here really thinking hard about you, Remembering the good & what made me blue. Thinking of all we been through, How many times you've referred to me as your boo. Nothing lasts forever.
I Try To Act As If I Don't Pay Attention, I Know You Feel The Stares, Maybe You Actually Don't At All Feel The Tension, You're Too Busy Hugged Up With My Worst Nightmare.
There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head, the thoughts strike across my brain, neurons illuminate with light, transmitting more than what is visible by sight. There's a quiet thunderstorm inside my head.
I'm irritated Frustrated Angry Everything is botteling up Like soda That is shaken up Ready to burst and make a mess Showing my emotions seems like a test
I once met a farmer whose name was Brain He gave me a packet of seeds   All that was needed was sunshine and rain To grow these flowers, trees, and weeds   And I planted a seed into the ground
My piano plays only for you For you, are the only on it remembers. One touch from your hands will make it new.   Its black and white keys have been touched by few, The notes escaping like fire from embers.
  If I lose myself, if I remove myself
As I sigh my past replays. A pulse 
Playing tag o
If I jumped they wouldn't miss m
Tragedy and triumph
Do not be fighterDo not be curse that person or animal outinstead be a peacemakerDo not steal a thing that you really wantDo not kill that person
The first day that we met I thought you were cute
                      I missed your white pine arms wrapped softly around my blue water torso,
  I just want to be a princess,  Told that I am pretty and loved.
Floating through an abyss of tears and fears. Do they notice me? Can they help wipe the errors? Dancing, twirling; I scream to be free. One day they will see, it was me they always needed.
My sister is a musicianWho plays only out of sight
The skies become dark The wind picks up As the rain starts to pour Everyone runs for shelter But as if none of it ever happened Everything stops No wind, no rain, even blue skies
This damaged girl coming from a broken home, no hope left leaving it all torn, Not a single soul for help in times of discord, What happened to all the love and care from her supposed friends?
She always comes & goes. It is better to leave, before she is left. She always comes & goes. She leaves before she is left.   The friends she makes, Are kept for years –
We live in a world where double standards bloom around us Waiting for the picking  Like fresh lillies in the spring time. If you have acne, you're ugly If you don't, you're stuck up.  
Tonight, the waves seem gentler
They judge before they get to know me, they see an alien not a human being. I am a threat to society, so they say, yet all I ever do is stay the same.
I've waited for change  But no change has come Maybe I just realized No change will ever come   I'm never myself Or happy at that Well I could never assume I were happy with that  
Because if you are to love me there are some things you must know for one i am broken and hurt and my view on love is blown   I have to start from scratch  and learn how to love again
It rises and falls only to rise again.   A circadian pattern, until one day it falls too hard.   Shattered and torn, It attempts to rise.  
  Have you ever stomped on flowers? I have. Stomp Stomp Stomp
​And as the days go by you rub away at me and peel back the pages of my skin Soon I shall be raw,sore and broken
​And as the days go by you rub away at me and peel back the pages of my skin Soon I shall be raw,sore and broken
I know am not the most perfect, beautiful women in the world, you took me to your home, you gave me love, happiness and affection.
Pain is temporary but welcome it's relief where hurt once stood its a cold blade and a restless night a breeze that blows just a shy to cold pain is me mum doing nothing as I'm used pain is me dad turning me into his whore pain is me friends leav
Love is like a drug once you've taste it Searching for that same feeling But I forgot to pace it
                                                    Sadness                       Depressed, gloomy
I remember that day when we first met    you spoke naught and only looked at me and shyly smiled    but    that day I somehow knew that we were meant to be    your brown eyes ripped through mine heart and saw me
Life is a let-down So am I Streams of blue rain And all I do is cry Sitting on a cold bench In a cold house
Kick me when I’m down And tell me I don’t matter I want to feel I belong That’s all I ever asked Now really can you blame me
You always thought, your kids will never know the feeling of addiction, but I went to re
Stay strong
I stand there looking at your face. My thoughts starting to race,
My bear is with me nightly, as i fall into smooth slumber. Sometimes i dream, most times i don't, but its there through it all, Its there when you aren't. My only friend, confidante.
My anger pours out as I scream for some release. I want to be gone and away from this beast. Nothing I say is ever enough for you. I cannot be content as long as I'm being used. Set me free I repeatedly scream.
Despair and darkness have taken over my life This is nothing new I've gone through and put up with a lot of strife What is one more day of hell when your life is a pit of fire? You ruined me
Ooh farewell Ooh farewell Sorry to see you go My hopes where For you to come home again Praying for the sun to shine on you Never to be rained on by falling bullets or falling bombs
grabbed yo
You may have had a rough life, present & future – but who are you to judge the future?
In this universe, there’s too much pain From people to people, it’ a non-ending train Trying not to give in time Wasting is not a try Good, bad, jealous, uncaring
Silence,loneliness, she hated it the most.
A rose, but one, none other rose did I have, A rose, one rose, and this was a wondrous creation, One rose a rose that brightened earth and sky, One rose, my rose, that sweetened my breath and air,
I was not born mean I was born into treachery Riding on glaring black wheels My heart's left black eye caught feelings Who knew a handsome fellow Had inherited Jack the Ripper's thirst
Shut off in my little world A dust bunny jumps on by
The point of the pen cuts deeper than the bladeIt leaves its mark, on my skin, the pageFinger print lines, lies on those lipsIt dripsInk glistens, follows veinsA sick beat trailing after your blood
The case of a bladeIn the darkest placeI clutched it through fabricThrough every feelingA portal to a memory long goneThe blood on your handsThe smile on your lipsf̶e̶l̶t̶ feels so good
They say just let go But I hang on to the edge Of everything Is letting go such a good idea?
We've All had that kin of love, where we fall so hard we've all fallen for the one person who can do no wrong to us we've all gotten to that point We've all been wraped up in the phenomena of
My soul is like an empty sock Cold and pleading for a foot. But my soul is allergic to feet So it weeps at night for the homeless grass.   I also like to watch the moon smile at the stars.
Move on 
Hands in the sky On my knees Nobody heard  My piercing scream   The broken remains Of the world around Shattered and fell With a deafening sound
as she sped down the interstate going 90 she saw things she saw her father hanging off a power line a tv cord permitting him death she would see the cord murdering him
A carefree soul With a busy mind; A gentle heart Trapped in a little girl. Smiles fill her face And laughter fills her air, As she wanders aimlessly  Through her days. Four golden hearts
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
Students came trampling on the ground
Honorio Freeland Lost in the World Who am I? What makes me, me? Eighteen years young, With not plenty to show for it.
School is a place where I love to go, Where I stare at a board so my mind will grow. I love it so much I could go all year, Yeah, that's right, no sarcasm here. I love how I learn just what my teachers say,
Stuff  I Can't Say To My Teacher What many things they are ,
I am not a number. I am not a rank out of my class, which is a bummer. I am not a number on a four-point scale. I am not just a student, and I like to rebel. I am a person.
Always last in Gym Class, I Never stood a chance in Debate. Immediately chosen for any Group task, That science Fair was a piece of Cake. Teachers love me, Oh how they praise me. Others not so much,
Alex Noe, I love you You make me feel very special But you have to know I won when I first met you Only been a month It feels right to say “I love…” I believe in us I know we can make this work
Everyone’s a rebel, we all want to change the system. We all shout until our throats are sore but the government won’t listen.   School funding is paid by the local property taxes.
You Can Not See Who Are The Students That Suffer Please, Open Your Eyes
I am the girl you laugh at every day I am the boy with scars on my arms I am the geek who hides behind books I am the jock who's scared of sexuality I am the cheerleader with the imperfect body
T'Was the Christmas season, Where a little boy glees with reason. He's filled with joy, As he waits for hid favorite toy.   The little boy couldn't wait, but it was just too late.
Bite your tongue and if you can't then I 
Never has a man cried so softly As the sound of a single tear hits his cheek
Alone. Always I am alone. No one to turn to and nowhere to run, it isn't on purpose and it isn't fun. I try to stand up, I try to speak out, but always I am told that without a doubt,
I can't do it! Everytime I try, I Fail! You keep pushing, But you don't understand Everytime I try,
What I learned in high school is...is…
It feels like I been here before I feel familar with this scene these words theses actions I feel like its on everyones minds thoughts lips tounge, its  been in every corner of the  world this feel to familar yet it has no shape, nor organic matte
Allow me to clear my throat first Ahem, Fuck you, English Teacher, with the same capital F You gave me on that paper you refused to accept I know my ABCs and my punctuation
I'm nothing special Not beautiful Not talented Not funny Not smart   I'm just an average girl Destined for an average life For meaningless experiences And dismal opportunities
I feel like  I'm walking upstream through a current strong enough to pull me under again.
Run baby run Don't ever look back. They'll tear you apart If you give them the chance
I  Just Want To know If I died today Who would cry tonight Who would miss school tomorrow Who would regret their actios next week Would anyone stand tall like a mountain for next year
I grew tired of sleepless nights- Contemplating life while simultaneously Managing to not participate in it.
It's really a funny thing, people assume  those who are the sadest: never smile
as of right nowI'd rather be a poor woman on the street no food to eati don't wont no but if i have to crylooking down seem like i had it all
Believe me, I am aware  Of every single flaw Or imperfection That creates my  Monstrous existence. So who are you To come and blame My imperfections For making me 
If only they knew , if only i could say..i hate coming to school everyday. Not because of the lunch, or the switching my class rush.
I came home and found you in your usual spot, hiding from the world. Dark despide the sun being awake. Your eyes are open yet nobodys home, you stare straight ahead without following my movements. 
I can't cry, Because that is admitting defeat, I can't cry, Because if I did you'd tear me down more. I can't smile, Because you know if I do it'll crack into a thousand pieces, I can't smile,
i i w i wa i wan i want i want t i want to i want to b i want to be i want to be f i want to be fr i want to be fre i want to be free.
Where are you going, I can't find you, where are you going,  I just trusted you, Where are you going tonight.    I just wanted you, and I just needed you, I am waiting, I am alone, 
My life is like a bad fairytale. Dragons lurk in every cave, ogres in every shadow. When I get to the place where the castle should be, what do I see? The evasive palace has escaped me.
 I am reaching out to youBut you cannot or will not hearCan’t you see that I am in need?You look without seeing my tears I am so lonesome. All by myself
Powerful word: Ignored. Emotionally and physically. Why does the world have the mentality of every man for itself? Feeling lonely and unimportant. Both in home and the world.
 I want to love you for forever and a day. Til the sun comes down, and its time to lay. Til, the wind blows and the seas roar. I wanna be with you, but dont forget theres one more.
My blood ran cold as he looks at me,i shiver as his breeze past me, i look apon his face and i worry... why is this i wonder?
Hand in hand our gazes met. One quick smile, one skipped breath.   Is this love? Do I have faith? To lunge head first or am I too afraid.
you will never know unless you are in that persons shoes
Numbers, books, words, they're all related in a way It all relates through school I must say Some things just don't make sense And yes I have spent most of my life in school Some may call me a fool
This is the blood i bleed There is a reason for this pain Some people just never understand The pain i go through is too much to withstand This pain i go through is worse than any other
frusterated .. miserble .. that is my school life .    teachers on the other hand makes my world go upside DoWn. with their i dont think so, and NO you cant  ughhh... this is miserable..  teachers these day.
Eventually   Eventually you’ll run out of tears, Eventually you’ll run out of fears. Eventually you’ll run out of sadness,
i know im not right for you but i wish i was. i try not to fall for you but i just cant. i keep holding these feelings in because its too soon. but if you give me a chace ill prove it to you. if i get hurt i can only blame me.
Love a 4 letter word, though it holds so much gravity yet we throw it around like something thats only worth a penny Hate
Words of honey can lead to arrogance, And words of vinegar often sting.   It is your job to educate and enrich,
There is an empty place in my chest, an empty spot where my thoughts use to flow and my memories use to play. The familiar rhythm that's kept me alive for so long is slowly coming to a halt.
Life: the inevitable, it can throw you to the ground, or it can bring you up, either way it treats you a certain way. I've always been the one to experience this,
Miss(ed) Teacher By: Arianna Peralta Teacher, teacher why are you late?
Friends should come and stay,
It was you who lighten up my day,
Its coarse taut roots embedded themselves within my chest, making it harder to finish my quest. Its icy cold petals blossomed within,
Heavy hangs the albatross Around my neck like pearls. Passed from an elder, To a little girl. Knowledge may be a gift,
My heart sings the words Of my soul It feels all my weeknesses It hears all my screams It tastes the chalking of my blood It smells the fear of my aching beat It sees the nightmares that I
money in shabeled people dying citeies broken great peole forgotten have hope for the futrue
There's nothing i wouldnt do just to see you again All the words i've said have no meaning With this mess i've made i must do all the cleaning I told you i loved you But you left me with no clue
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
Let's pop some pills, Fall in loveCut our wrists and spill our bloodDrink come Gin, let's die tonightCome on Demons, help end our lifeLet us bleed, for what we see
I am from hearing babies cry changing numerous diapers a day, from an innocent kid and team work.
I know this girl Who has a broken heart  Who wants to cry  Who wants to die Who wears a fake smile  But has a friend that tells her  "Stay strong , everything will be okay." She wants to scream  She wants to shot  But wont....... She remembers all
All the cliques laugh away While I sit and watch Wondering where my friends are Wondering where you are Wondering why distance keeps us apart.   The teachers will lecture
Used to be friends our first year Fast-forward, I’m standing here Halls are deserted, no one in sight Here you come from behind and body check me on the right   That’s how it started
Roses are red Violets are blue
Every day's a waste. I'd rather have just died. I try to get though it. Believe me, I've tried. I am so tired of feeling Like no one gives a shit Not my friends or parents. Im so done with it.
I always said it couldn't happen to me I always said my heart cant be broken I always said I would never cry I always said I don't fight for boys I always said NO FATHERS ALLOWED I always said I don't believe in love But now I say that you change
The small boy
I'm tired of looking at you Wondering if I'm doing what's right I'm tired of watching you kill yourself Fighting to save your life I'm tired of you destorying who you are inside as person
Love is hallow as a cave Led by its beauty, a great quest Love is a path for the brave It will never settle for less.
What is something you can't say to your teacher? Is it a thing or an action? A place or person? A problem or an obstacle? A struggle or problem? To tell you the truth we can tell all of this
  Little girl why are you crying Is it cause everyone keeps lying Saying its gonna get better But your face just keeps getting wetter   Little girl why are you so sad
  She was a very young girl Life just started it would seem About fifteen years old Life being torn by the seams
I will make promises,
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
Love is something I don't understand.Hell, I don't think anyone does.When you say "I love you."And they say "Don't."How do you expect me to changeThe way I feel about youIt's not much of a choice.
She stands speechless as the colors dribble down the wall
Kiss my lips and empty me, love me long and set me free. I'll give you it all, even me. Or crush me quick and leave me be. Our love is strong..in harmony  Love is only temprary.
What do you say- When no one will listen? Who do you ask- When no one will help? Where do you run- When there’s nowhere to go? What do you feel- When all you feel is hurt?
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
I’m walking a thin line, I’m running out of my lifeline. They’re letting go, they’re moving on How come I’m so far gone?   Why am I so worthless? My life so pointless?
I thought about it once or twice, maybe three or four. About suicide, and what it would be like, if I didn’t live anymore.   My world is dark and gray, filled with sorrow and lots of pain.  
Society has spoken, nobody cares. He cries all alone, for the truth he cannot bear. He bleeds all night yet no one is there, not one single person nice enough to care.
You clenched at my chest, For a sweet rational moment. Heart drop. Bottom rock. The bitter grin Made my face numb like gin. The only Substance That can Be Absorbed
There she was alone again she made her choice so we'd  hear her silent voice maybe I was so stupid, for not seeing this before This is why,  she cried to sleep at night
Can i balance on a beam when im not steady
I'm a glass house. Just take a glance, you'll know if I'm home or not Maybe a light is on, music is playing Peer a little deeper to be sure that I'm not Survey my windows to see if you can find me,
I'm sorry that I fell in love Sorry that I think you're perfect Sorry that You're the one I didn't mean to bother. I didn't mean to push you away Didn't mean to go insane I just wanted you to stay
To whom it may concern, It is healthy food for which i yearn. For it's called chicken but looks like a log. Then after we eat, we continue to learn in fog.
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
Fret. Regret. Anxiety. Worry.   These are the things that held me down. These were the things that haunted me One big confusion. one big disaster, spinning out of control,
I remember when it used to be just us and the music. We blocked the whole world out to hip hop, and every now and again, I could convinvce you to try something else. Like Carolina Liar, or Of Monsters and Men,
Slipping soundless.
Living in darkness seemed  the best way Light never reached my face as I lay As the fabric of life seemed to fray   Hateful words spoken in spite Light was no longer in my sight
Book by book, Stacked upon my back,
We harldy know each other
There are some students who don't respect. There are those who don't care about their teachers. Respect them and they will recommend
  Stuck in my mind, but I must rewind. Death seeks everyone, its part of life. There is a limit of time,  passes by like the speed of light. Containing wonderful memberies, 
I miss your smile, i miss your face, i miss your strongly supporting embrace. I miss your voice, i miss your words, that made me feel like, the only girl in the world. I miss your laugh,
They tell me I'm not quite right, that I don't meet their standards Reminding me of my imperfections and screaming at me to be better. Their words sizzle against my heart; Singeing the delicate flesh,
As she closed her eyes she imagined her life before her Her eyes were bowed down in defeat, in weakness She reminisced on what she had lost, what she had gained
If you only knew What we carry on our crooked spines When we leave your room The torment The pressure The never ending gloom If you only knew What our futures hold
  Society killed the teenager. What did we expect? That the words would roll off their shoulders? No responsibility to collect?   Society killed her. They said she wasn’t pretty enough. 
Its 2012, December 31st, It all started with a  Facebook message saying I had a crush, I made you laugh and I made you blush You gave me your number we would text and we would flirt,
Your the love of my life, The bright star that shine in me, The inspiration that put me to my feet. You mean the world to me. Everyday dreaming about the day we will meet again. Your the sorrow in myy heart, I never knew you and i was like stars.
Today is the last day I'll feel you breathing down my back, My love for you is gone, I don't know if I'm sad or relieved, Because falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me,
                      A rainy day is like a sad day, Sad day with me fill with tears. I search the days to shine but no sun is found. Everyday i mock a sunny day but really it a rrainy day inside of me.
I was alive when i met you. Alive but cautious because I always feared death... feared what it would be like if you left.... You made me live reckless on the edge.. and the times i spent with you....
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You yell at me and I stare, I don't know what to do. I know what I want to say, but the message won't go through. The words are stuck in my throat, I can't speak cause of the looks you show.
In the past, i never talked about my needs. I never wanted to tell my needs. I was alone because i had no one. I had family, but i never saw it. I had friends, but i never saw it. I was getting help, but i never saw it. 
Gently they take her wrist And break it They stroke his hair And pull it The hold her hand Then smash it They teach him well then let him go They want to teach her about the world
She strokes my hair gently Kisses me passionatlely Hugs me tightly Always loves me Wants to be with me forever Cares about me more than anything Spends every second of every day by my side
You can be a real pain at times coming whenever you feel like it and make me feel small, worthless, tired, I have enough problems already why do you have to make more for me?
There is no day that goes by I feel angry with the world I sit quietly in my room I pray for a better tomorrow… How would my life be Without fear and sadness? How would it feel to be
I could always jump, you'd find my body in a dump. Body broken like my soul, for its spirit no longer could hold. I could always cry, sometimes wishing I could die.
  Two lovers intertwined in a complicated web. One compromised by word. The other compromised by heart. One chained. One free.
             As the sun rises andAnother day takes flight;The blessing is fulfilled again.As the dew begins to lite;My heart flutters,For my love is forever in sight.
Why must we fight  Instead of being  friends Why must we fight For what reason should it be Why must we fight When we're all the same Why must we fight Just because someone is different
I know she is tired,she hates feeling this way,She weeps and she cries,tears of pain day to day.She deals with much hurt,and is put through much strife,her skin sticks to her shirt,
I don't know where to turn anymore or where to go I feel like where I'm at has turned into a black empty hole How can I ever get out of this mess O how I just don't seem like the rest
I remember like it was yesterday that we talked, joked, and laughed and now that you are not here that is all in the past I can see clear as day a smile spreading across your face
Its always a secret We cant go here, we cant go there So and so comin, so we cant go I cant follow you on social media, cause people might know You put me in a little pocket and take me out when you want
They think she's happysee her smile and just assumebut what they don't know might kill herit might lead her to her doom  Little do they knowher mind has the controlshe is slowly dyingsoon she may very well go  In her eyes is the painon her arms ar
Don’t try to speak to me I have nothing to say Despite forcasted developmental trends My etymological roots have decayed Only half-formed ideas stumble lazy from these lips Misguided thoughts
I am from the brown house with the dead end sign in the little cul-de-sac.
I ask for your forgiveness in writing this to you, and I can assure it will be my final interference in this delicate matter.
I know the voices in your headThey've reached down into your coreI know the lies that they have said because I've heard them all before
Maybe it's time, that I give you a simple rhyme.  A reason to listen, as my eyes glisten.  I'm tired of the lies, those that binds and ties; my very soul from becoming whole.  I may not be the poster child, but I wasn't raised up wild.  Don't mock
    Your thumbnails are very beautiful, I’m sure you think so too; You must be very proud of them, gorgeous, pink, and small; I can tell you love them very much, because staring at them is all you do.
  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me We've heard it, said it, learned it. But tell me do people choose to take their life because this rhyme is right?
As that horrible that gets closer day by day the more I fight back the tears :( nothing makes letting you go easier and knowing my memories are all I have left kills me, litterly hurts my heart so bad I'd rip it out if I could.
The perfect girl, That's what everyone saw. The one that everyone knew. The girl without a flaw.   But when she looked in the mirror, She hid behind a facade. All the scars on her wrists,
Say what you want, do as you please for I know that whatever you doin ain't gonna happen to me. You can scowl,snarl, and glare but I'm untouchable like the air. You may say your wicked taunts and do your evil
She’s far from an innocent For deep in her past Lie memories in waiting, Coming on fast. The shame and the guilt Are too much to take, So she closes her eyes And accepts her fate…
  Fireflies In a wide black sky You hold my heart I hold you tight Kiss my cheek Please don’t leave Baby, I’m here You belong with me. Summer breeze Crashing waves
You are the shackles to my oppression, more similar to my depression You say I can't succeed just as it says I can't be free I am oppressed and depressed.  
Have you ever felt Depression?   It's like a dark cloudy day. Everyday. That warm blanket you crave, Smothers you until you can't breathe.   It's that tightness in your chest. Clenching.
As a little girl I played with dolls behind your back, Until that one time you caught me and I got smacked.  You wanted me in school and make friends, But when I did the new friendship would eventually have to end.  
I've been knocked down before someone knocked down my door.  They been down a street where you didn't want to meet, as well as me. 
I keep thinking about you. But I'm not sure what to do. Maybe If i stop dreaming of what could be.Maybe If i stop thinking of it as you and me.Maybe letting you go is the key.
My feet smell And neglect appears to be my only friend. People hang out and talk with me We share only words Though nothing articulate.
So heavy, My breath deep and aching in my chest. To go to bed And sleep, Not for better weather,
  I miss that feelingWhen I felt the surgeThe boost of spiritsThe sound of birdsThe world was laughterThe peace, like rainBut since it happenedIt won’t come again
       i want to read the lines of your hands as if they where peices of paper with a story to tell. I want to kiss your hands so that my lips could tell the verystory of which your hands plead to speak. I want to swim in the river of your emotion
We all cry for help don't we? We are in need of help for every little trouble or bump along the way in our path. But there are others in the world and in our communites that are in BIGGER trouble and they need OUR help.
Sticks and stones break bones, And they aren't always alone,  Cause sometimes words hurt even more, Leaving behind a heart truly sore, And beating three beats behind, 
My wrists... like paper. The knife... a pen. The blood it savors. The ink, it sends. My skin is torn. The paper is ripped. Blade like a thorn. The pen, it shifts. Every scar has a story.
I am the ugly sister. These are the words I can’t escape. I cannot escape the rejection, or the hate. I am the one that no one comes to claim. My sister says the muffin top will go away, that I need to work harder.
Come with me to the room of doors for some funTake a deep breath and open door number oneIn this room livesA teenage girlHiding awayFrom the cruel cruel world.Her eyes are hollowHer soul a shell
What do you actually see when you look into these dark brown eyes? Do you see a girl with happiness all around her or a girl galloping through a meadow filled with dasies.That's what you think you see but you dont really see the
I'm always dreaming, Even when I'm awake. In my dreams, I have control Usually... Until one day, There was a razor in my hands And I awake to lots of blood Everywhere...
lonely. oh what a word. one that you cannnot completely understand until you've been there...done that. and i know how that feels. it's like a part of you has crawled off somewhere and died. like the song you once sung doesn't sound the same.
Why would someone do such a thing? Someone please tell me why. He gave him so much of his effort. So much of his money and time. Between the two was everything. He'd helped him stand back up.
His Holding Into My Emptiness of my universe , while my mind is out of earth ! A start wont probably reach to my hopes ! While im here left in the back with a bag tht was left ! It was left to the wrong person 
So many lovers have loved and lost,  they never tried to fight the cost.  Love doesn't conquer if you don't help it win, for love is a feeling that can't help but to give in.
The sun Never looked bright Anymore When you arrived Our souls Taken Right before our eyes The night sky Is Darker Than ever before When you arrived
We hear the kids they laugh at the weak They mock and taunt the people who are not passing or meek  The taunted hide they can't handle the stress They feel stupid and worthless
They expect so much out of you And you wonder if they see you breaking  Like how you parents do when they see you when they walk past your room at night there's a little creak of light
Love, love comes and goes without a trace It holds you, and leaves you when you need it the most  It's everywhere and nowhere !!! It's magic, tragic, and fantastic
Walking aimless in eternal mysery I came upon a great mystery- A hidden pathway in a hill Gave my senses a big thrill. And so I followed the path 'till the top And found a graveyard in the stop.
Your Love is like the sun shining down on my face my heart, like water to a flower i could not not survive without it. Your Love is like a wonderful dream, that i dare not wake from. i am scared that
Your love is like the sun shining down on my face warming my heart. Like water to a plant  i could not survive without it. Your love is like a wonderful dream, that i dare not wake from.
Something so unreal, it can't even truly be described. It has so many conditions that this world could never fulfill. This world is too imperfect to keep with the what ifs and alsos and sometimes and shoulds.
Day to day this pain arisesPeople don't realize that happy days are prizesHappiness is something I wish I could findBut when it comes to it, I think I am blind Day to day I wish I could riseFrom this pain that might result in my demiseI am sick an
Your subtle whispers  scream in my ears exclaming hate pronounce my fears I can see your staring eyes looking through me judging, spreading rumors lies But I am strong 
They hit me always They tease me and put me down Make bullying stop
I'm drowning. I can't keep my feet on the ground. I say "save me from this pain." But things just remain the same. There's no one else to blame for the scars on my skin. I don't think I can win. I can't hold on any longer.
  I stand here touching the breeze in my hair, feeling unconscious full of despair, I feel the touch of freedom. You told me i have legs, so I walk. I stand here with the darkness in my eyes,
I sit in a world all alone lost and confused with nothing to call my own. Sweating my past as memories flood my head i want to leave because i have nothing to dread. I think to myself
ou claim to know me. Yet you don’t see my pain, my suffering, my black, shriveled up excuse for a heart. All you see is the smile, the overweight child, the kid that sits alone at lunch. You claim to know me.
Day 1: My feet hit the cold tile and my eyes strain at the board. I hear your monotonous bore, I think, I think, no more. I am just another one of the horde.   Day 2: The straps pull at my back
               You saw the ache under her artifical simper  yet you sat and said nothing as her eyes plead for a cure to relive this agony form her casket everyday you watched her tear bare her skin in hopes of becoming free of her hollow soul and
In her eyes
Everything felt grey today, The sidewalk, the sky, what people say. Sometimes I wish I were a tropical bird, or that I lived in a fantasy world (with magic). That way I could conjure colour,
I get to school take my seatYou take roll while we all eat Our breakfast and listen to your dumb rulesWhich have all of us acting a foolYou slowly go down the roster You peer through your ugly bifocals that make you look like a monster You start t
Life sometimes can play tricks on the distracted eye.  Sometimes you see the horizon but not the road ahead of you.  And sometimes there is no road and you have to find your own trail.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!I wake up to my alarm going off...another day,another scar.
Sitting in this hollow room alone , Screaming , crying , cursing at whats unknown If there were some way to make it through the night If there were some way to make everything right I'd give anything tonight ,
Love is when you feel cared yet hurt. When you life is complete yet empty.
Walking to a court room at the age of 7 was very frightening. I knew I did not do anything wrong. I was getting adopted, but I did not have a say in anything.
We sat on the steps of my eroded muck stained porch. We contemplated our lives and our identities while sipping on unclean glasses. We laughed at my awful past of abuse, neglect, and insanity
Night and Day your at my side,             my friend my heart my peace. Lighten my mornings,             watching you run and play and chase. Brighten my nights,            next to me close warming my dreams.
I cannot understand my current emotions on the relationship I am in, I don’t understand how I feel anymore. My emotions don’t talk I have to but if I can’t understand them how I can explain them.
Everything is normal,  the people are in a hurry, the animals running around, my heart is beating. Then just like that  something sets me off.
    Hispanics are considered a minority because most of them are not educated and barely make enough to reach the minimum wage. Living in a world where that’s expected from you can be tough
One heart two different worldsOne body two opposite girlsOne chose love the other hateOne chose corruption the other faithOne always tries to devise a planThe other simply follows the great I am
Because The Sound Of Voice & My Lips Were Close ! You Told Me Just Repeat "Strawberry" My Heart Beat 100 Miles per hour! Not Knowing How and When To Say it ! Poor Child only 9years old !
Love is like a wild stormWith a shower of broken hearted rainIt will swing you like a tornadoFlood your heart like a hurricaneIts hard to love someoneThat doesn’t love you
I don't understand why you hurt me or make me have these scars you always say no one cares of course i'm going to take that to heart. your suppose to love me and take care of me but you havent been doing that lately
Knowing that I have an attraction for you makes me so upset with myself. How could I let this happen to me?
you've been here with methrough thick and thinyou knew i was hurtbefore i told you you fought my wallsgot yourself ini cant get you out nowno matter how hard i trydid not want to trust you
What's deep but very shallow? What's thin but very thick? What's white that could turn to black very fast? What could cause joy but then fear? Boom Boom, Swish Swish  
it's possible to have a house- but no home. it's possible to be surrounded- and completely alone. i'm trying to concentrate- without staring at my phone. the scars on my outside layers
You see it all the time the loss of energy Sitting in a lit room and then a light flickers off, suddenly everything becomes more dim Except it's not as easy as changing a light bulb, or
I want to be perfect, I don't want the pain. I want her to be happy. I want everything to gain. I want people to disappear, her attention I crave. She makes me strong, she makes me brave. I don't ever want to argue, I don't want her to hate me.
As the years escape my eyes. You try to say your final goodbye. But your hand won't leave mine. Thoughts of you fill my mind. Life without you is full of pain, no laughter, no smile just gray painful rain.
A steady rhythm,  A speedy pace, My heart now seems to race. A race, A fight,  What we do in the night. Loving, leaving,  I begin to start bleeding. Remorce and grieving
Steve Momphete 10/9/10   Mind Prostitution
He's a failure  In my class he won't survive  17 and black? I'm surprised he's alive He's just a stupid football player Is that all you think I am? Just another statistic?  Disgracing Uncle Sam?
I miss how you looked in my eyes that first night I could not recal anything else the way your soft skin felt on my cold hands The blurred memory gave me a rush I miss when we layed recalling the past
I dont understand why this can be, almost all alone in this journey. No one seems to see anything from my point of view. Only a few see my perspective, it is even harder when your
She’s kind Though she never really says much She smiles Though it never really seems real She laughs Though she never really seems to enjoy being around She’s here, doing what she has to do faithfully
Love can be a poison Like a snake wrapped around you, Suffocating you, Injecting the poisonous venom   Those tears that hit your face, They burn like acid Why must this happen to you
I want to disappear I wanted to fade into the background...... I thought that losing the weight would make them like me...... They don't... I started to get more involved in school no one seemed to notice either.....
My mind is going insane; I can barely even think. I'm letting myself go, faster than a blink. Friends and family form a line that is longer than a mile; but even with them here, my life still feels like it's not worth while.
Look at my face, you'll see a beautiful girl. Look into my eyes, you'll see something hidden. Look at my smile, you'll see it isn't real. Look at my soul, it's the biggest pain you could ever feel...
One love doesn't last longbut here is one thing it is going to be alright once a pon agogo out and find another one when you are lonely everytime you like of him or her
Floating Leaping Screeching Clawing your eyes out just to Spite you Spite me instead I can't live the way you want Me to. The way you look at me Tells me that you want me to respond.
Im making my mind up to express. Living this way is just a mess. Laughing at nothing Is funny when its serious. Im Living life to the fullest So im a gangster. Living is dying.
and there’s a whole in my chest and it aches for you and I’m going crazy in my head, I don’t know what to do and I’m sad because you’ll probably never feel the same and because I’ll never see you again
I can't sleep; the memories keep me up at night, All of the things I should have said, Should have done, To make you mine. The thoughts of you won't ever transcend, The time you were almost mine,
You are my South Wind, There to uplift me There to surround me But never to falter.   You are my Sun, There to light my way There to give me hope But never to dim.  
I push so hard everyday I know it angers you so much to wake up knowing Im not with you no more to drive you crazy I wake up too but here or not you still drive me crazy
Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
She screams as the light beams pushing and pushing the wall of despair.  Times of love from above is just like a dove resting on my shoulder. Times of love, Times of love, Times of love.  
You ask why, but I cant give the real answer The story cant be heard No its not correct to say the things that happened Get personal,  NEVER! Its inappropriate..   But what if my story defines me
Trails of gray blazing the untrailed canvas It's curves at it's masters every whim Success! The man says, as he puts it aside and reprints with the black. It's work shaded by the of ink
For Everyone who is in school. For Everyone who has been bullied. For Everyone who has been in a sport. For Everyone who is battling addiction. For Everyone who is working. For Everyone who is a parent.
I avert my gaze contemplative and serene we think the same thoughts memories come crashing back fake civility in hand.  
Let me tell you that nothing is wrong with me,I have all four limbs and no deadly disease.No blindness or deafness and nothing that oozes,no broken bones or scrapes or bruises.
The time passes by,                 So fast.                                    The light seems to,                  Fade away. I sit here, Watching, The sun rise, The moon shine.
Thump Thump even steps on the floor A rhythmic monotone inciting horror Who is it that makes such a beaten path Is it death or man with a thought to pass
Watch. Wait. Run.   I Watch him walk and wait for his return. Watch him run and wait to feel something. Anger? Lots of it. Sadness? Not enough. Resentment? It boils in my blood.
Lost in the world around her The kids in school call her names, Mock her ripped clothing No one knows the truth. She goes home to a drunken father, A broken mother and a missing brother,
clouds are thick, the ground grabs It weighs you down, It tugs at you slowly pulling slowly drawing walking against the wind heavy feet heavy head forced back held back no movement, no progress
I can't move.        I can't see. I can't breathe. Nobody cares. Nobody listens. I'm not me. I'm not you. Who am I? I haven't got a clue. Someone please help me. I still can't move. What's wrong with me? I have got a clue. Depression.
I am a silver moon. You are my world. If you do not desire this gravitational pull any longer, then I shall take myself elsewhere. I can find another planet to orbit my heart around. Someone who does not consider me to be a meteor.
Cold ice stretching over a fortress of falling beams. Rolling from blue eys come the diamonds of a sad day. Once strong the brick buildings fall in a crumbling rubble of distress. In a silent room a fire is ignited.
  what seems so easy isn't to some makes them feel queazy terrified of whats to come   speaking in front of a variety for a simple presentation those who suffer social anxiety
 I am like a ceramic bowl, and this bowl has many assets.Beautiful from a far, but up close you see my cuts, scars and bruises put there by all the hate and doubt of the world.
The Inner Me. It's the soul you cannot see. The pain, the struggles, the beating, and troubles. I cry out for help. Suicide thoughts. No one there to tell me, stop. I'm am confused at the mind.
theres many ways to show love actions speak louder than words  many people may recall the scene of pain  to overcome pain forgiveness is the key.
Holding on to that one last kiss. Remembering what it was like to hold you like this. My heart is slowly burning to the ground. With the passion in the love I had found. Your words still linger in this place.
Welcome to my world Of lies,loniliness,hate, and depression My world of tears and loneliness  Of fear and scars and rust-tinged razors That smell like fresh sea water somehow don’t satisfy me anymore.
A pit of despair embarks upon me. Dragging me deeper, catching my breath. Gasping for air, I grieve. Clawing for space, I breathe. It is only then that I notice my need, That I find what I grieve,
Everything in life is temporary, the people you love, the people you hate. Life, Love, Happiness, Smiles, Tears, Pains, Sadness, Doubt, Anger, Fear, Everything. Every emotion you have right now is temporary.  
There oncewas a boy who rode my bus, with wide green eyes, who sat alone... and didn't seem to care. There once was a boy at my school, who was quiet but had the most beautiful smile,
You think school is all sweet and all. And you think teenagers like me are the generation to fall. But you don't understand that outside those silver gates. Life soon becomes a brawl.  
Why are you so depressed?Your sadness only seems to festerI want to make your heavy load have less But first you need to clean up your mess
Broken Rear View Many times we alloy our curiosity to spoil of future, More often than not, We obsess over our rear view.   Have you ever taken the time to think, What if your rear view-
The Hill That Never Sleeps   Have you heard of the hill, That never sleeps? We’ve been properly acquainted, In my virtuous sheets. Watching-your every move, In search of flaws.
Baggage Claim To those who view their past, As a lesson. Simply sit back and do yourself a favor- Commit to confession.   Sift through the bags which look- Oh so similar on the outside.
The autumn is upon usit must be an enrichmentof all that went before
I wish my life was over, My world made of broken clovers, Falling out of place, going into a dark space, filled with blood, nothing to love...   No one can see through my facade,
Can a heart still break once it's stop beating can you believe me even though you know I am lying will you be there when I need you even though when your in need I'm never anywhere to be found when your in need will you catch me when I am
Your eyes are so stunning, that they could cover the night sky, and outshine the moon, and stars, and even all the galaxys combined.   Your smile is so strong, it rocks me to my core,
3AM (One Cut) Don’t ever wake up at 3am It’s scary enough falling asleep Waking up out of a state of rest Takes a lot of energy mentally Like your mind gets tired, fatigued Overthinking starts.
I want a ......Guy who notices my sensitivityGuy who notices my heartGuy who understands my confusion and pain and where it comes fromI want a ........guy who confident. In saying i love you day one.
I remember the way you told me You loved me That it would never be you and I It would be we  I remember your beautiful  Smile I remember holding hands on the beach Walking for miles
 It is five in the morning as twilight sheds tears down my face, The dancing horizon teases my mourning eyes yearning for sorrow But bleeding condescending sympathy   The sun rays invade,
Do you see the pain?The pain in my eyes.Do you see the hurt?Hurt buried deep in my heart.Did you search to knowKnow what I have been throughOr did you just wishI let go and never looked back?
  I breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Two easy movements. Involuntary. Necessary. The difference between two ends, Life, Death.   Breath changes everything… I breathe.
I like you a lot but don't know how to tell you...why can't we see eye to eye?  Set standards for each other? Everything is just so paper thin. With not enough time,
You see smiles they glisten, There's nothing else but listen Dark shadows, cold walls You hide and try to ignore the calls.   You ask yourself is it worth it? Not one bit.
Your Kiss infects me like the flu infecting young children it finds me and absorbs through out my body taking a few days to leave my system forever i remember the 1st time the feeling so new
I knocked on the door just to listen and see if she was home For some time I waited, cold winds flowing past me and down my back my mind started to rome Alone is what I began to feel but then she came to the door
A minimum amount of words were said, and time was spent together. Before we knew it. Time was over.
Betrayal, Bruised, Left alone, No one to hold, No one to love, Blessed I’m sure, How can you be blessed? When no one loves you When someone toke your love. Forever alone. Forever apart. 
A man who's life was strife by death left mights in his regrets. Life can be a pain and with punishment they may blame, but one thing that it gives, its forgivness for you'r sins. As the man shouts to death
how dare you put me in a box labeling me because i dont fit in with the hollywood image how dare you belittle me because im different i rather be happy being me then being sad trying to fit in with this asshole society
Is it my time? Is it my time to shine?Is it my time to die? On the outside I look like I’m doing just fine. On the inside, I’m trapped inside these happy lies. Is it my time? Is it my time to be free? 
Tearful eyes. / Burning throat. / Stiffled cries, / So they don't know, / I scream inside. / I miss my home. / On my outside, / You'd never know. / I'm tired of sadness. / I'm tired of lies. / I'm tired of secrets, / That everyone hides.
Life turns to death, as the present fades to the past Its the bleeding of pure silence... The slow thumping of a partially broken heart.. The twinkle of a knife Hidden by the night
Gently falling down, The poem of my lifetime, It's never ending. 
Her mind flooded by judgment and oppression Her body aching from hate Her soul yearning to escape the cage it was forced into She is only accelerating her fate   She is only accelerating what is intended
Beauty is the eyes of the beholder That's why he always found beauty in my body And you always saw it in my eyes   He was only looking for one thing; and liked what he saw
It’s funny how someone who was supposed to love me, never did. It’s ironic how that a person that I never knew hurt me. But it’s even worst that I hurt myself.  
To Open Her Eyes  When I look in the mirror I see a face The girl looking back at me is so lost She feels lonely in a crowded room But is suffocating in her mind What do I do to make her smile
I like how the cereal screams in terror as I put the little guys in my mouth Mmh how sweet, cereal blood between my teeth Snap Crackle Pop! goes the bones of the breakfast mom bought
I didn't know before how to light a candleTo set by the picture of us on the mantleThere was no flame to light the wayThere was no night to darken the dayThe monsters came to devour the heart
Tears roll down her face as she sees her lover with someone else Disgusted she feels She wishes she was someone else The anger inside from the lies he told  Disrespected from his actions  He is so bold 
How can you claim to "love" someone when all you do is hurt them ? What is "Love" ? People say its a big word with so much meaning... Everyone who said they "love" me, all ended up hurting me.
Why do you pretend you're happy? With that fake smile on your face, pretending everythings perfect. You go home and cry... Because you're living a lie. With tears rolling down your face, you say you're okay.
Tell me you love me because you want me in your lifeTell me you love me because you mean it from your heart Tell me you love me because it's written all over your face
It’s strange. This feeling. This heart felt feeling… Sigh… not again. Could I… could I really? No, no, no! I’m not! I’m probably just sick. Yeah! Just sick… Damn, who am I kidding?
Another white tee Tie dyed in four shades of red Out of the twelve you’ve already encountered Bleach will do no good this time Neither will a Band-Aid You never have to worry about people getting in your way
Cast over me, a sheet of confusion and foolishness, and yet it took more than one rude awakening in my life to help pull this sheet off my head but I still wonder why do so many tragedies had to come for me to finally understand a part of life.
Crying in the snow will do no good The tears you cry will never come out As the touch of blood feels like snow The animal that lived before you must move on Letting go is sometimes the only choice for us
DEPRESSION Depression is like the color black, and is darker than the dimmest parts of space. It sounds like thousands of screams echoing in your ear, and bashing at your eardrum.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I can't help but feel like there is a hole in my chest I keep searching for something that cant be found until I hear a voice saying "Turn Around" When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw
 When I looked I couldn't believe just what I saw I saw a man Sitting on his throne With my mind blown I fall to my knees  Screaming out  "LORD HELP ME PLEASE" He says "Son what you're looking for isn't on this EarthBut if you can trust me you wil
We are young. We are strong.  We are capable of anything.  Sometimes we are wrong.  Colorless and yet so colorful. Madness but mostly wonderful..
There was a place and timeDon't ever go back to thenIt is just filled of memoriesAnd sadnessOf people who don'tRemember you, andPeople whom you wish to forgetYou've visited your past
In, out Right, left Yes, no Go through the motions.   What if you can't?   The walls are caving, The ground is shaking, The world seems to be falling apart.  
There once was a girl who could never stop crying, who had so much pain she envied the dying   Her eyes were red as a recent cut's splatter, but she could never stop crying, so it didn't matter  
I don’t want to be heard anymore, but you are starting to listen. I finally tell you “no” and you’re finally on your knees then,
Education is spoiled by the rotting brains Disseminating by the television cell membranes As learning decreases Society let's ignorant fame and material things sink in Getting rich quick is more motivation
Time elapses where the world was spinning,  the spinning stops,  the world collapses Collapsing and falling we all break silently in the spot that counts soft, red tissue unmeasured  
Can you see her? can you see the acid rain falls from the skys, every time she crys? She walks through life with her head held high,
She chases you until you're out of breath.
They say make love, not war But there’s always a constant battle With my heart I’m always fighting for another And with every battle I grow weaker Losing soldiers, losing power
When the rain falls at night It helps me to sleep It washes away  All the pain that I weep   I try my best  To look beyond the bad But it keeps coming back  Like my pen to my pad  
Spinning, Whirling, Flailing, Falling, Dizzy, No where to turn. Distant, I'm alone, with everyone around me, Drifting like drift wood, In a mind boggling sea
I thought my first love will be my last I thought its you that I belong to But now, what I once thought remains as thoughts For you are now waiving goodbye.   All your smiles are for me 
Behind the door there is another lie With these two I don’t even get a break Having to deal with these two until I cry Staying there will be another mistake Was walking away, forgetting it all
We have forgotten, Summer’s last innocence at Sunset, How the colors melt into Oranges and Yellows and Purples… And that faint breeze That Used to tell us We were forgiven.
  Why I write   all we did was make eye contact.   but in that instant between my blink and her smile  
She enters the setting, With a mindset cluttered in utter agony, But her beaming grin seems so effortless, Despite the distress staining her heart and soul,
The loons call in the night, spreading my heart open. Scarred feet slide across the tile floor, slipping away in her nightgown. Down the newly wet grass gateway, advancing into the shocking water.
Born into a world were it’s not guaranteed I’ll succeed. I still reach high, breaking stereotypes as I go. I graduated from High School; I am in college. What else is there left to achieve? As I sit and think… LIFE.
Dark brown eyes with a personality that brightens any gloomy situation No one can pronounce the name but remembers the face and the smile
It surrounds me, It smothers me, It hides me, It even protects me...   Without it I can do nothing With it I can do nothing In my time of need it lifts me up
Before my known days The sun shone splintering rays of diamonds With gorgeous scenery to complement Bliss was rampant Faith out-lasted And dreams materialized into obtainable goals But yet
She rests in painful slumber Drips with salty sweat She is unaware of what it means— Means to be sick with fear. She chokes on spittle—spews up spittle Chokes on angry, violent spittle.
Turtles from Madagascar Marmosets from South America A Noah’s ark of endangered species Sinking under the weight of the elephants.   Captured from traffiikers Seized from smugglers
The world moves at four hundred and ninety thousand miles per hour Having trillions of crazy things happening in it every second And here I am, with some paper and a pen
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