Black Holes Come from Broken Hearts


Black holes come from broken hearts... so much disparity in the world over loves now lost

The feelings tumultuously swirling in the bowels of a soul pour out into the world and gather with one another where no space and time holds any precedents in hearts and minds.

Filling the deep empty voids in the world is a never-ending job as I tell this never-ending story my heart too finds its way into the black hole that cries out for more love than an orphan and swells as if being impregnated dripping red with broken hearts.

To fill that space in my body is a phantom limb,I have a phantom heart as I  lose an appendage. How do I get my heart back after it was pulled down so deep into a bottom less pit?

I believe my only option is to jump head first into that void and take back what mine

I will avenge my soul and be complete again

As I swim in the hell that holds the world’s pain I see countless hearts some marked with tallies of being constantly broken yet try to love again

Will I recognize my heart I wonder, how will I know which one is mine within all this sorrow

Moving deeper and deeper into the void I feel a whole begin to open up in my chest I must be getting closer to my heart

As I cross over puddles of tears left from those before me in their search my heart leaps back into my chest

Making me remember why I tore it.


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