what pulled us away from the plans we made as children.
A wonderful idea planned out brick by brick.
the once "Mommy i want to be president" to " Jasmine i'm six weeks pregnant"
A doctor, A lawyer, A teacher you once said as a child, but now doin' 20 to life
what is it that caused us to stray? 
is it Dad never showed up at your birthday?
or that uncle that raped you were seven?
and mom didn't want to believe you, and just assumed you were lyin'?

why must we grow up so fast?
in our alcoholic baths and brunts in our hands.
Maybe its because we had to be grown ups at seven and find out life is shit at 15
and at 21 your ready to die cause life as you knew was really over at 5
Maybe you believed things will get better
but better never shows up
so what do we do?
we fade.
we fade into the shadows,
we become everything we hope desperately not to become
we blame.
we blame it on the world and its mazes
we cry.
we cry because we can't handle the situation any longer
we cry because we feel ashamed
what happened to the plans as children we made?
what caused us to stray?
the truth is we, we did.


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