Letting Go

I'm sitting here in the midst of it all,
And wishing that I'd never took the fall.
I'm hoping that you're somewhere happy,
While I'm saying that I hope your life's crappy.
This is my revolution of letting go.

I'm letting go the hurt I once felt.
I'm letting all the pain and hate melt.
The old me drowned in my own tears long ago,
Trying to, wanting to desperately let go.
But the new me is doing it, so...

Sure! I'll pray for you every night.
Miraculously, that actually causes you to lose the fight.
They always say you reap what you sow.
Things are getting better for me as I let this go.
Peace in each breath as i blow.

To my so-called sister, if you're reading this, I'm letting go.
To that baby, I forgive you because you didn't know.
To my loved, I give you my best wishes.
To all my haters and backstabbers, I blow the biggest kisses.
*SMOOCH*!!*MWUAHH*!! I've kissed my past away, so goodbye.
Here's where my new life will began to arise...


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