What Would You Change???


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In life there are a lot of things i would like to change, But I think the thing i would like to change most is how people look down on others because of there lifestyles such as homesexuality, Lesbian, Bisexual.

People dislike you because your gay but what they dont see is god has love that will stay.

The way you treat others reflect on you , and the life you live says alot too.

There are so many people upset in the world, but most people really dont care in this world.

If we all could just live our own lifes and stay out of others, believe me i bet we could get alot further.

People stop and stare and look at you bad but little do they know you have so much class.

Gay or Lesbian you still have a heart, but the way people treat you you always depart.

You depart from fun, depart from love, depart from your journeys and wish you were loved.

Others look down on you because you like the same sex. What i wish they would do is just give it a rest.

They dont understand your happy in your skin but most of all they love to say its a sin.

God loves you for you and makes no mistakes so remember these words and tell the judgemental people to please take a break.

-Malik Williams

I am homosexual and i go through a lot. I just wish that i could go a day without being judged, but at the end of the day i know im loved. God has my back and so does my family. So all the other people really doesnt matter but I would change the judgmental people's ways and just make this world a better place. So someone please tell me WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?????





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