I miss you. What can I say?

My burning desire of wanting to be with you grows by each passing day.

I see the world in black and white now because you're not here with me.

My heart aches for your touch. Your face is all I can see. After I lost you.

I tried to re-enter the dating scene but that didn't work. No other woman compares to you.

Why does death have to be such a jerk? Why did it have to take you? It wasn't your time.

You were supposed to stay with me forever. You were supposed to be mine. I can't remarry.

 No other woman compares to you. How many women have I dated? Very few.

But I have an idea that will put an end to my pain. All I have to do is twist the steering wheel

and I'll be cruising down the wrong lane. The lights are approaching me now. Will I see you again

after the airbag deploys? Will I see your gorgeous face and the gorgeous  faces of our two

boys?  A drunk driver may have taken all three of you away from me. But now my intoxication will

reunite us again as a family. As I close my eyes. I swear I can feel your kiss.

I pray that the motorist that's approaching me becomes one with my car. Will it be a hit or miss? 

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