Time elapses where the world was spinning, 

the spinning stops, 

the world collapses

Collapsing and falling we all break silently

in the spot that counts

soft, red tissue unmeasured


Measured by height, weight, and stature

Fitness indeed is the larger matter,

The matter at hand, we can't see around it

Except at the screens we place before it. 


Limited, caged, trapped, defeated

Met your match

Raise your hands 

Tired, defeated


The ropes, the bars

Stay out,

Can't let ya in

Limited, caged ,tired, defeated


Breaking out,

Running round

Found my self, found my youth

Stolen, caged, limited, defeated


Break away, steal away, 

find me now, find me out. 

Hear me here, Hear my plea.

I'm a wretch, I can't breath.


See me here, 

find me please.

In this place,

I  can't see. 


I'm limited,

I'm caged,

I'm tired. 



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