Darkness Never Prevails


Living in darkness seemed  the best way

Light never reached my face as I lay

As the fabric of life seemed to fray


Hateful words spoken in spite

Light was no longer in my sight

I could not survive the dreadful fight


Thoughts dominating my mind

Keeping me in a doubtful bind

Where were the acts of kind?


Soon I saw the one escape

Actions of others sealed my fate

My salvation was too late


Eternity in darkness all alone

Until I heard a soft moan

Her soft words brought me from the zone


Slowly I began the difficult climb

Back to life to hear the chimes

They would be punished for their crimes


As I no longer stood on the edge

They had thought all alledged

That I was deafeated in my bed


As I walk by them in daily life

I smile to them but with no strife

I have returned to light, and now I am might.










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