Stand or Watch

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 15:33 -- amb42


My heart sings the words

Of my soul

It feels all my weeknesses

It hears all my screams

It tastes the chalking of my blood

It smells the fear of my aching beat

It sees the nightmares that I

Only Dream


I have been there with you

These words you read come

From my heart and the words I still hear

I may not know the reason why you want out

But I know the pain


Why won't the black go away?

I fought too long

I heard too much

I take all I can

Then I take more


As one can see

I still fear that the black

Will overcome me


Don't believe you are fighting

In this war along

Don't hide in the shadows

Well watching the ones

You love

Take the oath of Death


I know you are afraid people will laugh

At what you will say

But think about the ones

That will praise your STRENGTH!


Now my question is

 will you stand

And fight for the life of others

Or stand and watch the ones you love take their lives?




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Wow this is brilliant. There is so much emotion. And I love how you describe the choices of watching or actually going against it. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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