Reality or depression talking?


This pain is just too real. I lay here watching the stars. This is how I feel, as I look down at the scars. I can't remember the last time I smiled with happiness. Is it really worth it to try? All I can do is cry. Is it healthy to have this much sorrow? I feel myself becoming numb. Why was I so dumb? I wish upon a star. Not for love or money but simply an answer. Maybe a little bit of ease to my pain. I know they say life isn't fair but must it be so tough? I'm pushing my limits. How much of this can I endure? Am I a bad person? I'm not sure... All these sleepless nights.. The moon is fading and the sun is trying to awake. I guess it's time to start being fake. Dry these tears. I have to be strong. But don't get me wrong. This won't be the last time I lay here watching the stars. 


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