Baggage Claim (The Catch)


Baggage Claim

To those who view their past,

As a lesson.

Simply sit back and do yourself a favor-

Commit to confession.


Sift through the bags which look-

Oh so similar on the outside.

Only to find the content oh so-


A beautiful bag-

Of “Stuff”

Can only be that,


Full of untamed laundry,

No one knowing if it was Dirty-

Or Clean.

The mixing of things,

For more Dirt is what they shall fling.

This baggage, of what you thought you had,

Or wanted,

But needed,

And couldn’t find-

Is not what you bargained for.

Oh no!

As you unpack,

You will find beautiful treasures-

Which somehow fluctuate to the top.

While all dirt seems to be showed-



This baggage,

The one you thought you had,

Or wanted,

But needed,

And couldn’t find,

Is a mess!

So, back to luggage claim is it?

Or do you take on such an undying-


Amongst this baggage,

You have yet to sift through your own.

It may be best to check the “stuff”

Before you make it all the way home.


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