Room 116-A

The depth of it all, the rise and the fall. Room 116A, just making sure I'm okay. Tomorrow isn't promised, yesterday wasn't either. Blood steaming like fire, it's like my heart has a fever. Yes, I'm a non believer but I did believe him. In the end, it meant nothing, just like the rest of them. Every 15 minutes she comes in with her laces. Her piercings and pen, I just wish we'd trade places. These faces, they say it's the best ward around. And yet I'm writing with crayola in a hospital gown. But he says it's not that deep, goes to sleep while I weep. Awakens to his destroyed possessions, then concludes that I'm a creep. You may agree, but wait a minute, I never really asked you. This is between me and him so I'm looking right past you. I try to do my baby good, but my baby doesn't care. When shit gets real, my baby's never there. My baby says he loves me, my baby says I'm the one, but I'm here by myself when it's all said and done. His promises mean nothing, he told her what he told me. He said baby it's not like that. But I had one and you had three. Those beautiful girls you kept up with. My hate for you that you're stuck with. Its like you wasted all my time, took my heart, then just said fuck this. Why waste my days If you can't maintain consistency? If you wanted to be single, why not just keep it real with me? Oh yea, I remember, it's not that deep. That's why I'm miles away with non-slips on my feet.


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