Lost in the World


Honorio Freeland

Lost in the World

Who am I?

What makes me, me?

Eighteen years young,

With not plenty to show for it.

Often I wonder if I deserve the things given to me or won.

I also wonder if people would miss me if I was not around.

What happens when you die?

People live on, move on.

Another number you become essentially, a lost thought that fades away.

A young man lost in this world of technology,

Free spirit, anything applies and nothing to lose

No care or worry for what the result may be.

I fear I live in a generation that was not meant for me.

Am I ahead of my time,

Or am I meant for a society of the past?

If only I knew what the answer was.

Predominantly African American,

The rest mainly Filipino,

The mix noticeable.

Two different nationalities, one enormous world

Billions of people who judge before a word is let out their mouth.

I just want to know what it is like to experience my cultures realistically,

To visually see how my ancestors live currently and historically

With only one main purpose for all of this,

Why, do I, Honorio Paulino Freeland, walk this Earth everyday?

Until then,

I will remain lost in this world.



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