Today is the last day I'll feel you breathing down my back,

My love for you is gone,

I don't know if I'm sad or relieved,

Because falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me,

The spark is gone between me and my fantasy of you,

Our love was only halfway true,

I loved you, I really did,

You brought me peace and warmth everytime I pictured you in my head,

The butterflies are gone and my heart does not race,

Eventhough my love for you is evaporating at a dreadful pace,

You will always be my first love and I will never forget,

Your smile and your eyes,

Your perfection that I have come to dispise,

Not loving you anymore is simply fair,

Fair to me, fair to my insanity,

I need to move on or I will always be behind,

Wishing one day that you were truthfully mine,

I thought one day we would be together because of my love for you,

Hopeless romantic is what comes to mind,

Many years I secretly cared,

All my mind would do was bring me back to you and the things that you love,

Now I say goodbye to set myself free,

Because I know now that us will never be,

I wish I could just be your friend but I want so much more,

I want passion and intimacy that will never lack,

Rather than somebody I am optimistic about,

Not knowing my love and just simply breathing down my back. 


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