The Power To Be Heard.


If I could change anything,

I would start with the way our generation chooses to think;

The power of our voice is contagious and on the brink.

If I could make a difference,

I would take a young child and enlighten their troubled mind;

For the road that will grant you your dreams is not far behind.

If I could create change,

It would be the social media and the people we look up to;

A celebrity is praised and defined by their every move.

If I could encourage peace,

The troops will be sent home with their loved ones to sleep in their own beds;

This would surly relieve the stress from within their heads.

If I could be heard,

I would raise my voice and encourage change and solutions to look forward to;

Not to distract you by the nonsense the news crews expose to you.

If I never lose hope,

The generations to come will thrive while I’m alive,

And my children’s children will undoubtedly survive.

This is the struggle that I will one day have changed.

We are one loud voice, and together we will see ignorance and negligence be detained.

-Whitney Weise

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