Destined Lovers

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 17:34 -- Kyxster

I promised myself it wouldn't happen.
But how do I prevent something so natural?
It's as if I'm trying to keep a wave upon the sand.
Lengthening the days and avoiding lonely nights.
To be together would be wonderful.
Understanding and never letting go.
For my mind is caressed by you in every thought.
My heart skips a beat because of a simple touch.
Never fearing about what the world has to offer. 
The perfect puzzle piece automatically falling into place.
Even the rain's pitter patter beat has nothing in ours.
Hearts perfectly harmonizing, long lost soul mates,
Reunited at last.
Beating with each other until the sound fades,
And they finish their song with their 
Last and final cah-thump. 


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